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Naughty Girl Spaghetti String Dress O/S from Beverly Hills Naughty Girl Lingerie line. A sexy and fun dress at the same time. Spaghetti strap at shoulder of this dress with revealing front and wild string design. Very sexy and inviting mesh design at the hips and butt. Covering enough to tease. It is a seamless dress made of nylon and spandex with very strong stretch. One size fits most. 90 pounds to 160 pounds. Fabric content 92% Nylon, 8% Spandex. Washing instructions: hand wash warm water. Drip dry. Do not iron. For long durability and enjoyment of this dress, follow the washing instructions.

Arouse Your Lover With A Delicate Chemises or Super Sexy Mini Dress

For those in the market for beautiful sleepwear consider lingerie chemises as part of your next purchase. There is nothing more feminine and alluring than beautiful sleepwear. Not all sleepwear has to be something that signals either “hands-off” or “fucks me now”. There is something special about attractive garments that make you feel your best and look like a dream, even while you sleep.

Fine lingerie comes in many forms, and the best way to add elegance and sultry sexiness to your nights is with satin chemises. They are the perfect thing to slip on at the end of the day to make yourself feel loved, and they are also a great way to add allure to your nights. With no effort, simply bathing in a scented bath and sliding a silk chemise over your skin is enough to make you feel like the princess that you are.

What is a Chemise?

A chemise is a type of undergarment traditionally worn under a dress or other over another garment. When it comes to chemises French are the ones who used them the most. They were intended to keep high fashion garments such as handmade dresses and silk gowns safe from the oils and sweat produced by the skin. Over time, more and more women wore these as protection which later transformed into satin slips or silk slips worn under formal clothing. Chemises also paved the way for t-shirts, which are quite commonly worn in most Western countries.

Speaking of the French, any time I think of a chemise,  especially those that are made of silk or satin, soldes chemises come to mind. The word itself brings to mind feelings of soft, sexy lingerie just waiting to be taken off and the woman underneath ravished by her handsome beau. Along with being worn under clothing, a chemise can function as a form of intimate sleepwear. Imagine 50’s glamour with a head of sexy curls, a soft silky chemise, and a long stem glass of champagne.

If you are a fan of some of the more recent TV shows, then you know that you can wear sexy plus size chemises to make your daytime outfits pop. For example, Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl loves to pair lacy chemise with a low cut dress. Even Victoria’s Secret models have turned the art of the chemise into a fashion statement that the rest of us simply aspire to.

From Then Until Now, The Modern Chemise

Most vintage chemises feature longer flared skirt styles paired with a high waist trim that falls just under the line of the bust. These dreamy pieces are often paired either with shoulder-length arms or with large, bellbottom sleeves. Most are looser in style and don’t hug the curve tightly, leaving much up to the imagination. The utterly feminine undergarments have the power to flatter any figure and make a woman feel beautiful with minimal effort.

Modern chemises and slips look like old fashioned shirts, but more revealing and delicate. Similar to a loose-fitting undergarment that is sleeveless. In many places, these are considered a type of lingerie, while others lean towards using them as outerwear. In either form, a chemise will have a loose fit and hand from the shoulders as it drapes loosely around the waist. Traditionally, a chemise will be devoid of fasteners or buttons, but there may be some that use them as decorative details. Some erotic chemises will use fasteners to help accentuate certain body parts such as the breast or the legs.

For those who want to take a break from simple cotton sleepwear by adding a touch of feminine glamour, silk chemises are a perfect choice. You can also find luxurious wear in classic cotton for daily use, sheer chiffon for a bit of pomp and circumstance, cami sets for the woman who wants to have it all, or even just a stunning negligee. Nothing emanates sensuality more than wearing a silk chemise in from of your lover after a long day at the office.

Turn Heads In A Sexy Mini Dress That Will Steal The Show

One of the most flamboyant turns of fashion that still drive men and women alike wild are hot mini dresses. These outfits can make a shy mouse turn into an erotic vixen that captures the eye of everyone in the room. If you are looking to make a statement during your next night out, a super sexy mini dress is just one way to go about it. You can make a statement with a subtle little black mini dress, or you can take the spotlight with a hot pink number, no matter which way you wear it, all eyes will be on you.

Looking hot is not only for the club, but there are also plenty of super attractive mini homecoming dresses for teens and young adults to choose from. Make all your competition jealous with a vintage backless number that shows off just the right amount of skin while still staying classy. Or you can make them all green with envy in a fitted body-con mini dress that will make homecoming truly memorable. Pair it with a choker, matching clutch, and so kitten pumps for an outfit that is sure to take you to the top of the class.

My go-to outfits when I want to make an entrance will always be one of the many strapless mini dresses that I purchased from Sex Supply Shop. Strapless dresses are not for the faint of heart, but they are the perfect way to express your courage, sexuality, and your confidence with nothing more than a well put together outfit. Baring your shoulders and your legs will not only grab your partner's attention, but it will also turn heads everywhere you walk.

Bring Out Your Inner Boudoir Babe With A Sexy Chemise

Strip clubs are pretty common, so much so that dressing raunchy at home no longer holds as much allure as it may have in the past. That is not to say that wearing a leather thong won't drive your lover to distraction, but there are more subtle ways to build passion than by baring it all in an instant. Wearing babydoll chemises will allow you to capture the same mood seen in boudoir photography or burlesque tease shows. Think along the lines of DitaVon Teese on a chair instead of JL on a pole. Both are alluring and sexy, but one is more soft glam while the other is in your face hotness.

Wearing sexy chemises is a great way to turn your partner on and to ensure that you capture their full attention. They are nice to wear and they are soft on the eyes. Though your goal may be to seduce your partner, however, the most effective way to start is by spoiling yourself. Slipping on luxurious satin or lace chemise will make you feel like a genuine boudoir girl on the prowl. When you feel sexy and flirty it will be easy to make your lover feel the same way. Your feelings set the mood, and when that mood is romance, a night of lovemaking is sure to follow.

If you are looking for a unique piece of lingerie to make your love live soar, there are many pink chemises available at Sex Supply Shop and they even deliver straight to your door. Putting on a demure slip that allows your erotic secrets to show just slightly under the surface is a great way to indulge your inner sex kitten while also stoking the fires of passion in your partner all night long. Men love to see the softer side of their partner, especially in the bedroom. Let your submissive side show even when you are really a fierce tigress at heart.

If you want to embrace the secret allure of being a sexy boudoir babe for your lover, but want to make your erotic play a little more risky, there more options. Baring your undies will turn his head, but wearing sexy skin chemises will bring his head to attention. This type of lingerie is made with the idea of seduction in mind. You get the soft look that comes with a traditional chemise, but the sexy flair that comes with a modern see-through version or skin color version. Getting your partner to beg for more has never been easier.

Cool Down In A Hot Dress As You Hit The Dance Floor

With the heat of summer in full swing, what better way to cool down than with some sexy white mini dresses? White looks good on everyone and every body shape when you pair such a cool color with such an erotic look, you are sure to leave onlookers in a daze of desire. White mini dresses are a great way to create a contrast in a dark nightclub or even at a casual dinner. Instead of dressing up on a summer night, keep it simple with a short white mini dress, a gold bracelet, and some matching hoops. Your partner will drink in your cool beauty until he can lay you down and soothe the fires of his passion when you get home.

Summer also brings with it the urge to get out and hit the town. Whether you are hanging out with your lover or having a girl's night, mini club dresses are the uniform for the occasion. What better way to show your moves and your curves on the dance floor than with a sexy low cut dress that amplifies your assets? If you are shy, the best way to make yourself heard is without speaking at all, let your outfit speak for you. Take over the night with confidence in an alluring mini that makes the most of your personality.

Do you plan to see a show followed by dinner and more? Instead of worrying about being dressed for the location, opt for silver mini dresses that can easily convert from a suave dinner outfit to a hot chick ensemble with nothing more than a flick of the wrist. Pair your silver mini dress with a classy kid jacket for a formal dinner, and leave the jacket in the car when you hit the club. You are sure to cut a stunning figure that captures the attention of your lover all night long.

How To Impress In the Perfect Piece of Lingerie – The Staple Chemise

Lingerie is the best way to accentuate a woman’s best features and hide those that make them less confident. When it comes to flattering outfits, chemises are at the top of the list of most sexually alluring. For women who have a lot of curves, or for those who have none, chemises are the way to go.

For those looking for a no-effort way to impress your partner, consider adding a few babydolls chemises to your nighttime wardrobe. You can turn from everyday snuggle bear into a piece of intoxicating eye candy that will keep your partner lusting after your every breath. Alluring clothing such as attractive nightwear can also increase the intimacy in your relationship. It is a great way to add fuel back to the fires of your love that may have waned over time. Of course, everyone grows comfortable in love, but that doesn’t mean that you still can’t make his heart beat a little faster with a flash of the skin or the subtle touch of your fingers.

While wearing chemises lingerie it is easy to feel body-positive about yourself regardless of age, weight, or any other reason. Confidence is always sexy, and when you feel sexy it will make your partner become aroused much faster than ever before. Of course, wearing attractive lingerie can certainly impress your partner, but plenty of women do it just to feel more empowered and beautiful when they look at themselves in the mirror. I suggest adding a few staples to your night time wardrobe that are comfortable and wearable at the same time. Also, a few more alluring pieces that are meant to attract and arouse as well.

Looking to Turn Up The Heat? Slip on A Mini Dress To Make Him Melt!

Are you tired of being the last thing on your partner's mind when he comes home? Maybe you want to change up your regular routine and give your mate a thrill before you start your bedroom play? Perhaps you simply want to do something different and dress up all for yourself? Whatever the reason sexy mini dresses are just what you need if you are looking for a change of pace. A hot little number that hugs your thighs and caresses your curves will have your partner melting in his boots with just one glance.

Mini dresses come in a lot of different styles, one of my personal favorites are long sleeve sequin mini dresses. These are perfect for late nights on the town when you want to show some skin, also want to look unique. You can attend cocktail hour and watch his eyes light up as the lights dance across your body in your mini dress with sparkles. Thoughts of love and lust will drive him wild as he runs his hands up and down your body in anticipation.

If you are not into the flirty feminine look, you can always grab a few leather mini dresses to make your nights rock. There is something super sexy about seeing a woman’s curves tightly wrapped in supple leather. Add a few hard bangles, a pair of high heel leather shoes, and you have a sexy kitten look that shows you mean business. He will love for you to take control as you flash your legs under layers of hot leather.

Create Your Own Erotic Style With A Sultry Mini Dress

While most of us are moving into summer at a breakneck pace, there are still plenty of fashionable women who are dealing with wet and cold weather. Don’t let a little wind keep you from showing off your sexy legs, however. With turtleneck mini dresses, you can rock a sexy look while still keeping warm. These types of mini dress are perfect for cooler climates year-round, or for the fall. Pair them with a pair of statement boots for a toasty look that will get your partner's blood boiling.

Most mini dresses are made with simplicity in mind. The point to bring attention to your other assets such as your curvaceous hips or your ample chest. One way to dress up a look is with a mini dresses band. Similar to a belt, this band can be worn around your waist, your hips, or even right under your breast to create a sultry silhouette that will draw looks from across the room. Getting the attention of the opposite sex has never been easier.  

If you are feeling extra brave, you can try wearing micro mini dresses. These extra-short outfits leave very little to the imagination and hug curves like a lover searching for the perfect spot to nibble and lick. Speaking of a lover, your partner is sure to understand your intentions the minute you step into the room. Give him that com hither stare as you twirl and bend to make his manhood stand up on end.

Is There A Difference Between A Bikini Set, A Chemise Set, and a Lingerie Set?

A lot of people often wonder if there is a difference between a bikini set and typical lingerie. While both do cover the same areas, they are vastly different products. On that same note, when it comes to the chemise, does it classify as undergarments, or is it lingerie? The answer is simply both. The material used in each type of garment is different, for example, cotton chemises sleepwear will be lightweight and able to absorb oils and moisture from the body as you sleep. A bikini set will be made from material that is intended to repel water, or simply allow it to filter through while you swim. Lingerie, on the other hand, is made from often delicate fabrics and meant to be alluring.

I’ll explain a bit more about the various types of sensual, erotic, and sleepwear available so you can make the best choice for your wardrobe.

Garter belts are considered lingerie and are the perfect companion to baby doll lingerie sets. They are worn at the waist are used as clamps to hold leggings or stockings in place. They can be worn under skirts, dresses and outwear as well. When paired with a mini dress or chemise, the effect is a sexy look that will trigger the eyes to follow to where the garter leads- your most pleasurable center.

Peignoirs are not lingerie, but rather an outer cover similar to a robe, but much more refined. Most often, they are sold with matching lingerie such as with a silk chemise. For women looking for a sexy way to arouse their man in their sleep, but still want to have a discrete outer cover for late-night kitchen raids for snacks.

Matching sets are one of the most popular lingerie items on women’s wish list and men’s gifting list. Sets allow you to coordinate your outfits with your outerwear, or simply to create a specific vibe that matches your mood. Imagine the feeling of having a chemise dress that matches with your thong and a frilly robe to pull the whole look together. You can feel sexy, luxurious, and seductive all at the same time.

When it comes to sleepwear, there are so many options. While you can always pick out your favorite pair of soft pants and an oversized t-shirt, why not go for effortless seduction instead?  A lacy nightgown such as a satin chemise will allow you to sleep in comfort while looking like the vivacious queen that you are. Remember, a satin chemise is lingerie, but it is also functional as well, at least that’s what I tell my partner anytime I want an erotic treat!

A négligée or a babydoll nightie is another option for sleepwear. Baby doll chemise and baby doll erotic dresses typically fall to the knee and are see-through. If you are looking for a simple exotic outfit to please your bedmate, a baby is an effortless choice. In the world of lingerie, negligees are among the most amazingly comfortable and the most sought after. They are flattering to every figure with their flared bottom loose lines that slide over every feminine curve with ease.

What wardrobe would be complete without the staple cotton chemise? These can be used as an undershirt or worn on their own with a pair of comfy panties. The majority of cotton chemise are made to be thin and hug your body so that it can’t be seen under regular clothing. Modern chemises are most used to erotic wear, occasion wear such as for wedding nights or other holidays, or even as standalone garments that are intended to arouse. While medieval chemise would never see the light of day, similar to a pair of panties or a bra, current trends of the garment embody the look and feel of confident sexual allure.

Slips To Protect Your Precious Dresses

If you ask your mom or your grandma how they were able to look so flawless and also keep their clothing looking pristine, they would share the secret I am offering you now. If you take a look around any lingerie shop or underwear store, chances are you will see some rather boring looking pieces of fabric that seem to have no purpose. This section is made up of women’s slips. No, we are not going back to the days if binding and a million layers of fabric. Slips actually serve a helpful purpose in women’s wear, even in modern times.

Wearing a lining under your garments helps to keep static electricity from building up, and it gives your body a smooth and refined look after you are fully dressed. There are full slips for dresses that can be work under work clothing, dinner wear, or even party dresses. Not only does this help you look elegant, but it also helps to protect your fabric from oil, sweat, or stains from other bodily fluids. Dry cleaning can get expensive quickly, but wearing a liner such as a half-slip, chemise, or full slip will help reduce the frequency of which you need to have your garments laundered.

Along with protection for your skirts and dresses, there are also pants slips for women who prefer to well more masculine outfits. As pretty as dresses and skirts may be, sometimes a confident pantsuit that hugs the curves and show’s who’s in charge is needed. Your outfits set your mood and often the tone for the day, what better way to ensure your comfort than by wearing satin or silk slips under your daily wear?

Let Your Style Shine Through With Baby Doll Dresses and Mini Dresses

After a week of work and office wear, we all can’t wait for the weekend to just relax at home or visit friends and family or even hit up a party in the local club. What to wear is not always easy to choose since trends change frequently. Most women love fashion and always try to stay up to date on upcoming or current trends. Summer tends to feature bold fashion while fall offers a more subtle touch of warmth. No matter when you shop, fun trends are going to get you excited out there shopping for more. Regardless of the season, royal blue mini dresses will always be in style. The color is perfect for a serious dinner with family, or fun enough for a night out with the girls.

When you think about a dress, visions of soft colors and demure features probably come to mind. This may perfect for some, but if you are looking for a little bit of kink to spice up your evening, then you may be interested in latex mini dresses. These skin-tight dresses will make you look like your outfit was hand-poured over your body to give you the perfect fit. Latex lovers and bondage fanatics alike will feel their passions rise when you walk into the room. Pair latex mini dresses with a choker, whip, and a pair of stilettos for a night of sensual passion that will leave your senses shaking with desire.

What Accessories To Pair With Your Dress To Make Your Outfit Pop

A lot of people know that accessories are needed in order to make their outfit come together. One, in particular, that’s currently trending is the hair chain. For those who are not familiar with hair chains yet, it is a hair accessory that you would attach to the head using two hair clips on each side. They would fall on the hair rather elegantly. Usually, people who have long hair prefer it more because the chains would hang loosely over the hair. You no longer have to worry about what to wear with your designer mini dresses without going overboard. A pair of pumps and matching hair chains will give you that come fuck me look that you normally see in a magazine or on Instagram.

If you think I am crazy, just take a look at some of the IG queens like Kim Kardashian. Not only does she use these to accentuate her lovely locks, but she also has a line of hair chains called Bella Noel that she often pairs with lingerie baby doll outfits. Wearing hair chains can add a bit of drama to your outfit without drastically making you look over-styled. Instead of resorting to a drastic hair cut or even outlandish hair color, dress up your hair to match with your sexy lingerie.

Since hair chains are also considered as jewelry, they usually have that princess vibe going on, and really, who wouldn’t want to look and feel like royalty? This is even better if you are looking for a way to add class and flair to your mini quinceanera dresses without taking away from the dress itself. Just make sure that the accessories you chose all match the details on your mini quinceanera dresses.  If your dress has silver details, make sure that your shoes, bracelets, and hair chains also have silver details. Avoid mixing gold and silver, or metal and gold, or so on. A properly coordinated mini dress with matching accessories will make you shine like the star that we already know you to be.

Whether you think hair chains are a great hair accessory or not, I won’t deny that it can make or break your outfit. One I wore one of my favorite long sleeve lace mini dresses and decided to go overboard because I thought the dress was a little plain. Too main chains paired with a short tight dress made me look like a bondage reject, though that may turn some people on as well. The key to wearing hair chains is to make sure that it does not overpower what you are wearing overall. In order to wear it well, you have to balance your whole look. There are a lot of mini dresses to chose from at Sex Supply Shop, so before picking out accessories, make a point to match them with your dress before you wear them.

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