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Roxanne has 3 tempting holes and large breasts with erect nipples. Sexy stockings complete the look. Made of PVC the inflatable doll is 58.3 in. tall.
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Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll

Indulge in an unforgettable experience with our Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll - the Ultimate Pleasure Package! When you're feeling down, let our seductive nurse lift your spirits and take your pleasure to new heights. With her irresistible charm and tantalizing features, she's guaranteed to make you feel better in more ways than one.

Our Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll comes complete with a sexy uniform that will make your heart race. The lifelike design and meticulous attention to detail ensure a realistic encounter that will leave you breathless. She stands at a height of 5'2" (168 cm), perfect for intimate encounters and easy storage.

Featuring three pleasure holes, this doll offers endless possibilities for your satisfaction. Whether you desire vaginal, oral, or anal pleasure, our Naughty Nurse is ready to fulfill your every desire. The body-safe PVC material ensures a comfortable and hygienic experience every time.

Worried about accidental damage? Don't be! We've included a repair patch, so you can enjoy worry-free playtime. Our Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll is built to last and withstand even the wildest adventures.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Inflatable Doll
  • Included Items: Sexy Uniform, Repair Patch
  • Material: Body-Safe PVC
  • Height: 5'2" (168 cm) - 62.99 inches

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Is the Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll easy to inflate and deflate? A: Absolutely! The doll comes with easy-to-follow instructions for quick inflation and deflation.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the doll? A: Cleaning is a breeze! Simply use a mild soap and warm water to clean the doll after each use. Ensure it is thoroughly dry before storing it in a cool, dry place.

Q: Can I adjust the firmness of the doll? A: Yes, you can control the firmness by adjusting the amount of air you inflate into the doll. Experiment and find the perfect level of comfort for your pleasure.


  • Adult
  • Erotic


  • Fantasy
  • Roleplay
  • Sensual Pleasure


Elevate your intimate experiences to extraordinary heights with our Naughty Nurse Inflatable Doll - the Ultimate Pleasure Package! Let your fantasies come to life as you immerse yourself in the world of seduction and satisfaction. Our doll's stunning features, alluring uniform, and three pleasure holes ensure an experience that will leave you begging for more. Don't wait any longer—indulge in the ultimate pleasure today!

    Bring Excitement To Your Nights With A Realistic Sex Doll

    The world of erotic toys is full of innovative creations that appeal to all manner of taste. From the kinky to the mundane, erotic sex toys covers it all. Most people who are interested in sex toys already know about masturbators, vibrators, and sexy outfits for the bedroom. Some more adventurous people may be into S & M, or even anal play. For those looking for a different type of toy, I have something fun to talk to you about. Or, if you are looking for the best long-distance sex toys to keep you warm at night, this post will also be a great place for you. If you are wondering what could possibly be good for long-distance relationships and a new niche for sex toy lovers, the answer may surprise you. For those who don’t know what I am talking about, its sex dolls for men and women to keep you hot and bothered all night long.

    What Are The Different Types of Sex Dolls On The Market?

    There are a lot of ways to have fun in the bedroom but one of my personal favorites is snuggling up to a hot sex doll. Before you start looking for the best place to buy sex dolls, you should think about the variations available on the market.

    Before we get into the style, let’s talk about the importance of the right material. When I was in the market for my first doll-like most I went on the hunt for cheap adult sex toys to experiment with. There is plenty of cheap blow-up dolls that will get the job done, but they are far from realistic. Anytime someone asks me how good are sex dolls I will tell them the experience depends on the material and the size *wink wink*. Sex doll makers have been experimenting with various materials to create realistic men sex dolls for women and female sex dolls for men that are as close to the real thing as possible.

    If They Feel Fake, Are Sex Dolls Worth It?

    The main types of sex doll you will find on the market worth your money are those made from TPE and those made from silicone. Choosing the right doll can be hard, but choosing the right material is pretty simple. The main difference you will see between the two is the price, and closeness to reality each will create.

    TPE is a thermoplastic rubber that is easily molded. TPE is highly soft to the touch and it can also be stretched up to 5x times its length, which is good for all the well-hung hotties out there. It feels very lifelike and some of the most well-known male and female sex dolls are crafted from TPE. Silicon is a liquid silicone rubber, which is basically a polymer. It feels like rubber and is very resistant to heat, which makes it easy to sanitize. You can make silicone hard, such as when making sex dolls for gay men, or very soft like when you want to sink your cock into the best porn star ass and feel the plush as her holes wrap around your dick.  

    What Are The Best Sex Dolls For Men?

    Before we start fantasizing about women having sex with sex dolls, let’s talk about male sex dolls for men. Everyone has their own reasons for being interested in a sex doll. Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you can live out your kinkiest fantasy in the privacy of your own home. Guys who are on the fence with their sexuality or who may want to practice some new moves on their boyfriend can find solace in a pleasure-inducing sex doll with tight holes, soft lips and a hard cock to bounce on.

    While we are here, let me tell you about the amazing adult sex dolls for men I found during my search for a birthday gift for my partner. What guy wouldn’t love to have a threesome, and what woman wouldn’t love to see her man in erotic bliss without competition? Realistic sex dolls allow us to have our fantasy threesome any day of the week without affecting our relationship. In fact, I love seeing him bend over a doll while I tickle his nuts with a prostate massager! Gets my juices flowing every time.

    What The Point Of Using A Sex Doll?

    There are plenty of reasons to use a blow-up doll or a realistic sex doll as part of your erotic adventures. Sex dolls can be a great way to safely introduce role-play, cuckolding, and stimulate threesomes. Plenty of couples talk about getting risky in the bedroom but don’t want to deal with emotional entanglement. Using a sex doll to act out your combined fantasies turn a stale sex life into a steamy romance that has a new plot twist every night. If you are scared to bring the topic up with your partner, you can try the method I used. After our erotic playtime, I suggested we try a new toy to add some variation. I asked about his wildest fantasy and then suggested how one of the best blow-up sex dolls on the market could bring his double-fucking fantasy to life. Needless to say, we have more than a few sex dolls in our erotic playroom to choose from now.

    Another purpose of using a sex doll is to perfect your techniques that are impossible to practice with a real partner. For example, if you are going to be starting anal for the first time, it might be a good idea to practice on a doll to get your thrust pattern down properly. It will also teach you how to be gentle as well as help you learn to extend your orgasms during sexual play. Everyone wants a sexual stallion with stamina, and playing with a sex doll is a pleasurable way to practice.

    Are Dolls The Most Expensive Sex Toys Out There?

    During my exploits into the erotic, I have had the opportunity to buy a wide range of sex toys on both ends of the economic scale. A common question my friends ask me when they see my pleasure room is how much are sex dolls and of course, where to buy sex dolls. Just like with any product or toy, there will be cheap real life sex dolls and there will be sex dolls that cost as much as your mortgage.

    My advice for those looking to get their first doll is to opt for sex dolls under $100. Using a sex doll is a great way to live out your fantasies in safety, but it shouldn’t have to break the bank. Also, sex dolls may not be everyone’s cup of tea and you really can’t sell them on eBay if you don’t like it. The first sex doll I bought cost me around $90, was made from TPE, and was only a partial body doll. I really enjoyed the feel and the experience so I invested substantially more for my next doll.

    There are some BEAUTIFUL realistic dolls out there made from TruSkyn. They are about the size of a short woman, they come with a warming unit, and the look and feel so real that you won’t even realize that you having sex with blow-up dolls! There are even voice upgrades, but I find that a bit creepy. Of course, these units run on the higher side, and when I say higher, I mean a few thousand dollars. 

    Should You Buy Adult Sex Dolls For Women?

    When you think of sex dolls you probably think they are only for men, but women have just as much urge to get freaky in the bedroom as men, maybe more. I know that each person is different, but one of the best things I have discovered in my sexual journey is male sex dolls for women. There is something sublime about being able to sit on a hard cock any time I want without having to wait for my partner or deal with another person’s personality. Just like I would pick up my favorite vibrator and scream the night away, the same goes for my handy always hard blow-up doll.

    There are many online and in-person sex shops that offer male sex dolls for sale, and there are plenty who cater to those who enjoy lesbian sex with sex toys. Not everyone enjoys penetration, and there is a wide assortment of sex dolls available to wet the lips, both sets *hee hee* and tickle the senses regardless of your sexual preferences.

    What Does It Feel Like To Have Sex With A Doll?

    Having sex with a doll feels very close to having sex with a real person. Of course, there is not the same interaction, but if that’s what you wanted you would not be using a doll! Every sex doll comes with two or three fully functional holes. Male dolls will have a working anal and oral cavity paired with a hard realistic dildo. Female dolls will feature a working vagina, oral, and anal cavity.

    Depending on the model you buy, there will either be removable orifices or a fixed unit. Dolls are unique in their internal sizing so make sure that you choose a deep pussy or ass if you are well endowed. The same goes for attached dildos, make sure to choose a size that will feel comfortable during your sexual adventures.

    Sex dolls are usually made from silicone or TPE which are extraordinarily realistic feelings. The best place to buy sex toys will have sex dolls for men and sex dolls for women made for pleasure. The insides will be textured and tight to simulate a real vagina or anus, and the dildos will be thick and veined to simulate a real penis. Having sex will a doll will be the same as if you are having sex with your partner. You can position them any way you like and fuck them as hard as you want, as long as you want.

    Final Thoughts on Sex, Sex Dolls, and Erotic Passions

    Sex is meant to be wild, fun, exciting, and strange all at the same time. I have learned that when you keep an open mind your libido often follows. Adding erotic toys to your bedroom play is a great way to explore your sexual side in the security of your own home. Sex dolls are perfect for men and women looking to expand their horizons, lengthen their orgasms, and spend the night dripping from pleasure. Don't take my word for it, pick up an affordable sex doll to test drive and tell me about your experience in the comment section below.

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