Control Vibrator Plus Panty
 Control Vibrator Plus Panty

Ultimate Pleasure Experience - Control Vibrator Plus Panty

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Control Vibrator Plus Panty

Can you keep a secret? Tucked away discreetly inside this sexy low-rise thong is a hidden micro-bullet designed to rock your world! The Control Vibrator Plus Panty provides the ultimate pleasure experience that will leave you wanting more. With its soft stretchy waistband, you'll forget you're even wearing panties until you turn on the secret micro stimulator.

Featuring a whisper-quiet motor, the Control Vibrator Plus Panty offers direct stimulation exactly where you desire it the most. With 20 pulsation patterns to choose from, you can go from a gentle flutter to an intense throb in an instant. Explore the various sensations and discover what brings you the most pleasure.

Take your intimate moments to the next level with the wireless remote control. Let your partner control the vibrations from the next room or even across the dinner table, adding a whole new element of surprise and anticipation to your next rendezvous. Imagine the thrill of surrendering control and indulging in the unexpected sensations.

The Control Vibrator Plus Panty ensures your discretion, as its hidden design keeps your secret safe. No one will ever know why you're smiling so much, leaving you with an alluring aura of mystery and pleasure.

Product Details:

  • Soft stretchy waistband for comfort
  • Whisper-quiet motor for discreet use
  • 20 pulsation patterns for versatile stimulation
  • Wireless remote control for hands-free pleasure
  • Hidden micro-bullet for discreet and targeted stimulation

Product Specifications:

  • Battery: AAA (2 not included)
  • Battery: LR44 / AG13 (1.5V) (3 included)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How comfortable is the Control Vibrator Plus Panty to wear? A: The Control Vibrator Plus Panty features a soft and stretchy waistband, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended wear.

Q: Is the vibrator discreet and quiet? A: Yes, the Control Vibrator Plus Panty is designed with a whisper-quiet motor, allowing for discreet use in any situation.

Q: How many pulsation patterns does it offer? A: The Control Vibrator Plus Panty offers a choice of 20 pulsation patterns, allowing you to find the perfect sensation that suits your desires.

Q: Can the vibrator be controlled remotely? A: Yes, the wireless remote control lets your partner control the vibrations from a distance, adding an exciting element to your intimate moments.

Q: What type of batteries does it require? A: The Control Vibrator Plus Panty requires two AAA batteries (not included) and comes with three LR44/AG13 batteries (1.5V) included.


  • Romance
  • Adult Toys
  • Intimate Accessories


  • Sensual Pleasure
  • Discreet Excitement
  • Spontaneous Intimacy


Indulge in the ultimate pleasure experience with the Control Vibrator Plus Panty. This discreet and exciting accessory enhances your intimate moments, providing targeted stimulation and a range of pulsation patterns. The wireless remote control adds an element of surprise, allowing your partner to take control and heighten your pleasure. Get ready to discover new levels of excitement and keep your secret safe with the Control Vibrator Plus Panty.


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