Prisoner cock cage
Prisoner cock cage

Prisoner Cock Cage - Steel Chastity Belt for Ultimate Domination

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Prisoner Cock Cage

The Prisoner Cock Cage is the ultimate chastity belt that puts your partner's boner behind bars! Take control and punish their misbehaved member with this exquisite steel cock cage chastity belt. Made from highly-polished steel, this shiny chrome cage will keep their cock imprisoned until you grant them the freedom they crave.

Lock and key security ensures absolute control over your sub's pleasure, allowing you to decide when to set them free. Watch as they struggle inside the prison-like confines of the cage when dared to get a hard-on. The curved steel shape prevents them from getting erect, while the open design still allows for convenient urination.

You hold the key to pleasure, so make sure they obey your every command before you grant them their well-deserved release. The designer alligator-style waist strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes, providing a comfortable and secure fit against your skin. For easy and painless insertion, ensure your subject is flaccid and use plenty of Moist lube.

Unleash your wildest master-and-slave role-playing fuck fantasies by attaching a leash to the waist strap. Explore the depths of your desires as you dominate and submit to each other in an exhilarating power play.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Chastity Belt Cock Cage
  • Material: Highly-polished Steel
  • Security: Lock and Key
  • Design: Curved Steel Shape
  • Open Design: Allows for Urination
  • Waist Strap: Designer Alligator-style, Adjustable
  • Fit: Most Sizes
  • Compatibility: Suitable for Master-and-Slave Role-playing
  • Lubricant: Recommend using Moist lube for easy and painless insertion

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: What is a chastity belt cock cage? A: A chastity belt cock cage is a device that restricts the wearer's ability to achieve an erection or engage in sexual activity.

Q: How does the Prisoner Cock Cage work? A: The Prisoner Cock Cage is made of highly-polished steel and secured with a lock and key. Its curved shape prevents the wearer from getting erect, while the open design allows for urination.

Q: How do I choose the right size for the waist strap? A: The designer alligator-style waist strap easily adjusts to fit most sizes. Simply adjust the strap until it feels comfortable against your skin.

Q: Can I use the Prisoner Cock Cage for role-playing scenarios? A: Absolutely! The Prisoner Cock Cage is perfect for master-and-slave role-playing fantasies. Attach a leash to the waist strap and explore a world of domination and submission.


  • BDSM
  • Fetish
  • Role-playing


  • Power Play
  • Domination
  • Submission


Indulge in the tantalizing world of BDSM and dominance with the Prisoner Cock Cage. This steel chastity belt cock cage will take your role-playing experiences to new heights, allowing you to assert your authority and control over your partner's pleasure. With its secure fit and exquisite design, the Prisoner Cock Cage is the key to unlocking a realm of ultimate satisfaction.


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