Penis chastity cage
Penis chastity cage

Penis Chastity Cage - The Ultimate Male Chastity Device for Comfort and Security

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Penis chastity cage

Introducing the Penis Chastity Cage, the ultimate male chastity device designed to offer unparalleled comfort and security. This meticulously crafted device features a unique ring design consisting of three interlocking pieces, ensuring a snug and reliable fit. The two guide pins hold the top pieces together, while the oval locking pin connects the cage portion to the ring through the middle recessed hole.

The rings, made with a flat design, are remarkably comfortable and provide a secure grip. Crafted from medical-grade polycarbonate material, the chastity cage is lightweight, hypoallergenic, and incredibly durable. The cage portion is vented to ensure proper hygiene and features a bottom opening for easy use at urinals. We prioritize your individual needs, which is why each package includes five different size rings, locking pins, and spacers. This allows you to customize the fit to perfection.

Package Includes:

  • 1 cage portion
  • 5 different size rings
  • Locking pins and spacers
  • One brass padlock
  • Five individually numbered plastic locks
  • Black zippered carrying case

With a length of 2.5 inches and an inside diameter of 1.38 inches, this chastity cage is designed to cater to a range of sizes. The five included rings have inside diameters of 1.5 inches, 1.63 inches, 1.75 inches, 1.88 inches, and 2 inches. All dimensions mentioned are converted into inches for your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Penis Chastity Cage comfortable to wear?

A: Absolutely! The flat design of the rings ensures maximum comfort and security, allowing you to wear it for extended periods without discomfort.

Q: Is the chastity cage hygienic?

A: Yes, indeed! The cage portion is vented to promote proper airflow and hygiene. Additionally, the bottom opening allows for easy use at urinals.

Q: Can I customize the fit of the chastity cage?

A: Certainly! The package includes different size rings and spacers to help you achieve a personalized fit tailored to your individual needs.

Q: Is the Penis Chastity Cage durable?

A: Absolutely! The device is constructed from medical-grade polycarbonate material, known for its lightweight and durable properties.

Q: What accessories are included with the chastity cage?

A: The package includes one cage portion, five different size rings, locking pins and spacers, one brass padlock, five individually numbered plastic locks, and a convenient black zippered carrying case.


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Unlock the thrilling world of chastity play with the Penis Chastity Cage, the ultimate male chastity device that offers unparalleled comfort and security. Crafted with precision, this device ensures an exceptional fit with its innovative ring design. Made from medical-grade polycarbonate material, it is both lightweight and durable, guaranteeing a long-lasting experience. Customize your fit with the included rings and spacers, and enjoy the hygiene and convenience provided by the vented cage portion. Embrace sensual exploration, power exchange, and trust with this exceptional product.


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