Glass G Spot Glow Wand
 Glass G Spot Glow Wand

Glass G spot Glow Wand Clear

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 Glass G Spot Glow Wand 

"A wand glowing anal classic scaled to teeny tiny size Firefly's wand Plug paves the way to unforgettable anal bliss. The anal canal is positively packed with nerve endings and pleasure receptors so stimulation of the area can open up (so to speak) new planes of sensation and unlock unexplored orgasmic potential.

The glass is slightly tapered at the tip but pops into place with a quick widening to the midpoint. Extra firm courtesy of its slick glass construction the wand can be manually massaged or left to its own devices during play.

A wider base provides protection against unwanted travel- beginners should keep an eye on things though as the base is not very large.

Pleasurably temperature receptive the Firefly Small will warm to match body heat quickly but can also be cooled or heated more dramatically beforehand. 100% body safe and hypoallergenic the Firefly cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with all lubricant types." @npc2019_46


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