dildo with butt plug
dildo with butt plug

Dildo with butt plug is called Pride

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Dildo with butt plug

"Avant's new line of modern stylish and beautiful dildo and butt plug is called Pride. The dildo anal plug come in various shapes sizes colors and designs but they all share the ability to make you feel amazing.

Whether you are by yourself or with a partner this line of toys has something for everyone. The Love toy is a 7.5 inch straight textured dildo built to make you feel intense sensations. It features body safe platinum cured silicone and is easy to clean after use.

Available in Pink Purple and Blue patternSize: 7.5 inchInsertable Length: 7 inchWIdth: 1.5 inchMaterial: Platinum Cured SiliconeWaterproof: Yes" @sc-2019-6 @summer-2019-6 @summer2020-38


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