Pumps - Penis Performance - VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump Clr
Pumps - Penis Performance - VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump Clr

Vacuum penis pump

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The VX6 Male Enhancement Pump System brings engorgement and heightened sensitivity to your penis. It comes complete with an airtight cylinder silicone tubing a professional-grade brass pump pistol with a vacuum pressure gauge and a quick release valve for your peace of mind. The cylinder is also detachable if you are seeking to hold the suction while you play. The VX6 Vacuum Penis Pump is compatible and interchangeable with other Performance pumping accessories. It’s easy to assemble easy to use and easy to clean. Material Type: ABS Acrylic Silicone Texture: Smooth Color: Clear Insertable Length: 9 inches Length: 9.5 inches Width: 2 inches Product Weight: 16.3 ounces

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