Sex Supply Shop Dongs - Double Dongs Colours DP Pleasures Pink
Sex Supply Shop Dongs - Double Dongs Colours DP Pleasures Pink

Colours DP Pleasures - Pink Double Dong: Enhance Your Pleasure

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Double Dong for enhanced pleasure

Are you ready to take your pleasure to new heights? Introducing the Colours DP Pleasures - Pink by Ns novelties inc. This Double Dong will load you up and deliver sensational experiences your body craves. With its stunning pink color, it's not just a toy; it's a pathway to fulfillment.

Product Description

The Double Dong is designed to satisfy your deepest fantasies. Made from high-quality materials, it offers both flexibility and firmness, ensuring optimal pleasure. Its pink hue adds a playful touch, making it visually appealing and exciting to use.

Product Details

  • Product Type: Double Dong
  • Color: Pink
  • Manufacturer: Ns novelties inc.
  • Material: High-quality materials
  • Dimensions: ((Add dimensions in inches here if provided))
  • Weight: ((Add weight information here if provided))

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a Double Dong? A: A Double Dong is a versatile adult toy that provides stimulation to multiple erogenous zones simultaneously. It is specially designed for individuals who enjoy double penetration experiences.

Q: Is the Double Dong safe to use? A: Yes, the Double Dong is made from high-quality materials that are body-safe and free from harmful substances. However, it's important to clean it before and after each use and follow the manufacturer's instructions for maintenance.

Q: How can I clean the Double Dong? A: To clean the Double Dong, use warm water and mild soap or a dedicated toy cleaner. Ensure thorough cleaning of all the crevices and rinse it well. Let it air dry or dry it with a lint-free cloth before storing.

Relevant Genres

  • Adult Toys
  • Sexual Wellness Products


Unleash your wildest desires with the Double Dong - Pink. This exciting and beautifully designed adult toy guarantees double the pleasure and endless possibilities. Indulge in thrilling sensations and explore new heights of ecstasy. It's time to turn your fantasies into reality.


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