BONDAGE, FETISH & KINK A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Adv Bond Set
BONDAGE, FETISH & KINK A&E Eve's Fetish Dreams Adv Bond Set

Kinky Dreams BDSM 7-Piece Bondage Kit - Explore Your Wildest Fantasies

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Kinky Dreams BDSM Kit review

Indulge in the world of bondage and bring your kinkiest fantasies to life with the Kinky Dreams BDSM 7-Piece Bondage Kit. Crafted from padded diamond-stitched vegan leather, this gorgeous set offers the perfect combination of style, comfort, and thrilling play. With seven versatile pieces, there are endless ways to explore and experience the heights of BDSM pleasure. Secure buckle closures, sturdy dark metal rivets, and chain ensure you can writhe and strain against the restraints, while quick-release snap hooks allow for a swift escape.

Product Description

The Kinky Dreams BDSM 7-Piece Bondage Kit is designed to fulfill your deepest desires. This luxurious set includes padded ankle and wrist cuffs with swivel snap connectors, a four-way riveted cross buckle for diverse bondage positions, a breathable ABS plastic ball gag to intensify the sensations, a padded vegan leather collar with a removable lightweight chain leash for submission or control, a flexible yet firm spanking paddle for kinky thrills, and a soft blindfold to heighten sensory awareness and anticipation. Every piece is meticulously crafted for maximum comfort and excitement.

Product Details

  • Kinky Dreams BDSM 7-Piece Bondage Kit - All-In-One Set
  • Material: Padded diamond-stitched vegan leather
  • Components:
    • Padded ankle cuffs with swivel snap connectors
    • Padded wrist cuffs with swivel snap connectors
    • Four-way riveted cross buckle
    • Breathable ABS plastic ball gag
    • Padded vegan leather collar with removable chain leash
    • Flexible yet firm spanking paddle
    • Soft blindfold

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Q: Is this kit suitable for beginners in BDSM?

    • A: While this kit offers thrilling experiences for all levels of BDSM enthusiasts, beginners may find it a comprehensive and exciting introduction to bondage play.
  2. Q: How secure are the restraints and closures?

    • A: The kit features secure buckle closures, rivets, and dark metal chain that provide sturdy restraint while allowing for quick release when needed.
  3. Q: Is the vegan leather material comfortable for extended play?

    • A: Yes, the padded diamond-stitched vegan leather ensures both comfort and style, making it ideal for longer play sessions.
  4. Q: Are the cuffs and collar adjustable to fit different sizes?

    • A: Yes, the wrist cuffs fit up to 2.4" wide wrists, ankle cuffs fit up to 3.45" wide ankles, and the adjustable collar fits up to an 18.5" neck.


  • Sensual Exploration & BDSM Pleasure
  • Power Exchange & Control


Embrace the allure of BDSM and turn your dreams into reality with the Kinky Dreams BDSM 7-Piece Bondage Kit. This versatile set offers everything you need to create thrilling and unforgettable experiences. The combination of padded vegan leather and sturdy metal elements ensures both comfort and security, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the world of kinky play. Explore the limits of your desires and discover a new level of excitement with this comprehensive and stylish kit!

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