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Shots Love Chair

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Up the kink level of your sex life with this multifunctional loveseat that combines everything you have ever wanted in your BDSM collection! Let your imagination loose on all the possibilities this chair has to offer like positions that may have been previously difficult to achieve or ones that are difficult to maintain over time. The Love Chair comes with a very sturdy base on which a high-quality iron frame is mounted. Stainless steel chains are attached to the base and the frame both of which have Velcro fastenings for restraint play. The thick padded leg rests and open backrest are made from durable easy to clean PU leather. Take a seat and create your own enjoyment pleasure and intimacy all in one place. The Love Chair measures 183 cm (72") in height 76 cm (30") in width and 120 cm (47") in length.

Dimensions package 72.83" x 33.46" x 5.91"

Weight package 2645.55 oz

Product dimensions 72.05" x 29.92" x 47.24"

Product weight 917.12 oz

Materials Iron Leather Velcro


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