Shower Enema
Shower Enema

Shower Enema - All-In-One Cleansing System for Deep Cleansing | CleanStream

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Shower Enema

Revitalize your cleansing routine with the Shower Enema - the ultimate all-in-one cleansing system by CleanStream. This innovative system is designed to cater to your every cleansing need, ensuring a thorough and invigorating experience. Say goodbye to mediocre cleanses and hello to a new level of freshness.

With its stainless steel hose, the Shower Enema offers unrivaled convenience. Simply attach it to your sink or shower head, and you're ready to go. Choose from two deep cleansing nozzles, both easily screw-on for a secure fit. Experience the freedom of plenty of reach, allowing you to achieve a truly in-depth clean.

For those who are always on the go, our travel bulb is the perfect companion. It works seamlessly with the interchangeable nozzles, ensuring that you never have to compromise on cleanliness no matter where you are. And to add even more versatility, we've included a tip adapter to enhance compatibility.

The Shower Enema - All-In-One Cleansing System by CleanStream caters to all your anal cleaning needs, providing an unparalleled level of cleanliness, convenience, and comfort.

Product Details

  • Large enema tip: Approximately 10 inches long
  • Small tip: Approximately 5.5 inches long
  • Hose: Approximately 80 inches in length
  • Bulb capacity: Holds 10 ounces of liquid

Material: Metal, PVC

Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How long are the enema tips? A: The large enema tip measures approximately 10 inches in length, while the small tip measures approximately 5.5 inches.

Q: What is the capacity of the bulb? A: The bulb can hold up to 10 ounces of liquid.

Q: Is the Shower Enema compatible with all shower heads? A: Yes, the Shower Enema comes with a tip adapter, ensuring compatibility with most shower heads.

Q: Can I use the travel bulb with the deep cleansing nozzles? A: Absolutely! The travel bulb is designed to work seamlessly with the interchangeable nozzles, providing convenience wherever you go.


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Elevate your cleansing routine to new heights with the Shower Enema - the ultimate solution for a thorough and refreshing cleanse. Its innovative design, featuring interchangeable nozzles and a travel-friendly bulb, ensures that you can maintain cleanliness and comfort wherever you are. Experience the convenience and effectiveness of the Shower Enema - All-In-One Cleansing System by CleanStream today!


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