CleanStream Anal Toys Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche Set
CleanStream Anal Toys Premium One-way Valve Anal Douche Set

Ultimate Anal Douche Kit - Complete Enema Set for Comfort and Cleanliness

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Anal douche kit

Introducing our Ultimate Anal Douche Kit, the perfect solution for ultimate comfort, convenience, and cleanliness! This all-in-one enema set offers you a choice between three versatile nozzles, ensuring a personalized rinsing experience. Say goodbye to mess and discomfort with our one-way valve, designed to prevent backflow and provide a pleasurable journey into hygiene.

The soft and easy-grip bulb, holding up to 225 ML of liquid, ensures the perfect amount for a thorough cleanse, whether it's for health or pleasure. Let's explore the options our enema set provides:

  • Small Tip: With a length of 3.25 inches and a narrow diameter of 0.5 inches, this smooth and tapered tip offers effortless insertion, ideal for beginners or those seeking a gentler cleanse.

  • Medium Tip: Measuring at 4.75 inches in length with sideways pointing holes, this nozzle ensures a deep and thorough cleanse. Experience the utmost freshness with this longer, effective option.

  • Large Tip: Designed for a sensation-packed experience, this textured nozzle features four bulbs and measures 5.25 inches in length. Enjoy the pleasurable journey as it slips past your sphincter, leaving you feeling revitalized.

Crafted with quality in mind, all three tips are easily cleaned with mild soap and water and are compatible with all types of lubricants. Our enema set boasts durability with PVC and ABS Plastic materials, ensuring a long-lasting and safe experience. The attractive blue color adds a touch of style to your hygiene routine.

Product Details:

  • Measurements:

    • Small Tip: 3.25 inches (length) x 0.5 inches (widest diameter)
    • Medium Tip: 4.75 inches (length) x 0.5 inches (widest diameter)
    • Large Tip: 5.25 inches (length) x 1 inch (widest diameter)
    • Bulb: 5.5 inches (length) x 4 inches (diameter)
  • Material: PVC, ABS Plastic

  • Color: Blue

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are the nozzles compatible with lubricants? A: Yes, the enema set's tips are compatible with all types of lubricants.

Q: Is the bulb easy to clean? A: Absolutely! The soft bulb can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water.

Q: Can I use the large tip for a more intense experience? A: Yes, the large textured tip with four bulbs is designed to provide a pleasurable and unique sensation.


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Upgrade your hygiene routine with our Ultimate Anal Douche Kit! With three versatile nozzles to choose from and a one-way valve to ensure a mess-free experience, this enema set provides the ultimate comfort, convenience, and cleanliness. The easy-grip bulb holds the perfect amount of liquid, while the different tips cater to your specific preferences. Made with high-quality materials and easy to clean, this kit guarantees a satisfying and rejuvenating journey into optimal hygiene.


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