Tailz Anal Toys Rainbow Tail Anal Plug
Tailz Anal Toys Rainbow Tail Anal Plug

Rainbow Tail Plug - A Playful Addition to Your Sensual Adventures

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Rainbow tail plug

Take your sexual adventures to a fun and playful new place with a rainbow-colored tail plug! The narrow plug has a tapered tip and is made of smooth silicone for easy insertion. Crawl around at your lover's feet to tempt them with your stuffed ass! The tail will sway back and forth with every movement of your hips! This sensual accessory is not compatible with silicone lube. Effectively clean and sterilize with mild soap and warm water after use.

Product Details

  • Measurements: The plug is 17 inches in total length. It measures 4.5 inches in length, 3.75 inches insertable, and 1.5 inches in diameter at the widest insertable point (all measurements are in inches).
  • Material: Made of high-quality silicone and faux fur.
  • Color: Vibrant and eye-catching multi-color design.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the tail detachable from the plug?
A: No, the tail is securely attached to the plug and cannot be detached.

Q: Is this product suitable for beginners?
A: The narrow plug and tapered tip make it suitable for users of all experience levels, including beginners.

Q: Can I use silicone lube with this product?
A: No, silicone lube is not compatible with this tail plug. We recommend using a water-based lubricant for a smooth and comfortable experience.

Q: How should I clean and maintain the tail plug?
A: After use, clean the plug with mild soap and warm water. Ensure thorough rinsing to remove all soap residue. Avoid boiling or using harsh chemicals to prevent damage.


  • Role-playing
  • Sensual exploration
  • Fetish


  • Playfulness
  • Seduction
  • Self-expression


Unleash your inner wild side with our Rainbow Tail Plug! This enchanting accessory will add a dash of color and excitement to your intimate moments. The smooth silicone plug ensures easy and comfortable insertion, while the vibrant rainbow tail sways with your every movement, tantalizing your partner's senses. Perfect for role-playing and sensual exploration, this plug is a must-have addition to your collection. Get ready to indulge in delightful fantasies and create unforgettable experiences with our Rainbow Tail Plug.


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