Passion Lubricants Anal Lube Passion Lubricant 3 Piece Sampler Set
Passion Lubricants Anal Lube Passion Lubricant 3 Piece Sampler Set

Passion Lubes Trio: Natural Water-Based, Anal, and Premium Silicone Lubricants

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Best lubricants for pleasure

Are you ready to experience ultimate pleasure? Introducing the Passion Lubes Trio, the perfect set for your intimate adventures. Whether you're new to lubricants or a seasoned enthusiast, this trio of 2-ounce bottles has got you covered. Conveniently sized for travel, you can discreetly carry them wherever your desires take you.

Let's dive into the world of passion and explore the benefits of each lubricant in this exciting trio:

Natural Water-Based Lubricant:

Enjoy a smooth glide with our Natural Water-Based Lubricant. Compatible with all materials, including silicone and latex, this formula ensures maximum pleasure without any irritation. Its glycerin-free composition is perfect for those with sensitive skin. Cleanup is a breeze as it's water-soluble and leaves no stains behind.

Anal Lubricant:

When it comes to backdoor play, our Anal Lubricant is your best companion. Its thicker consistency provides extra cushioning during penetration, ensuring a comfortable experience. You can use it with any material, including silicone and latex. With this lubricant, your intimate moments will be both pleasurable and worry-free.

Premium Silicone Lubricant:

Indulge in the silkiness of our Premium Silicone Lubricant. This long-lasting formula guarantees a slippery and smooth experience that never dries out. Perfect for all kinds of play, it's compatible with silicone and latex materials, excluding silicone toys. Get ready for a luxurious and satisfying journey.

Size: Each bottle contains 2 ounces of pleasure.

Color: Clear.

Product Details:

  • The Natural Water-Based Lubricant is glycerin-free and suitable for those prone to irritation.
  • The Anal Lubricant offers a thicker consistency for enhanced comfort during backdoor play.
  • The Premium Silicone Lubricant provides long-lasting, silky-smooth sensations.
  • All three lubricants are compatible with silicone and latex materials.
  • The trio comes in discreet 2-ounce bottles, perfect for travel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Are these lubricants safe to use with condoms? A: Absolutely! Our lubricants are compatible with latex condoms, ensuring both pleasure and protection.

Q: Can I use the Natural Water-Based Lubricant with my silicone toys? A: We recommend avoiding the use of the Natural Water-Based Lubricant with silicone toys. It's compatible with all other materials, but silicone toys may require a different lubricant.

Q: How do I clean up after using these lubricants? A: Cleaning up is effortless. Simply rinse with water and mild soap to remove any residue.


  • Romance
  • Adventure
  • Erotica


  • Pleasure
  • Sensuality
  • Exploration


Enhance your intimate moments with the Passion Lubes Trio. This curated set of three high-quality lubricants ensures a pleasurable experience like no other. From the gentle glides of the Natural Water-Based Lubricant to the cushioned comfort of the Anal Lubricant and the silky smoothness of the Premium Silicone Lubricant, every desire is catered to. Explore new levels of satisfaction and intimacy with this incredible trio. Get your Passion Lubes Trio now and embark on an unforgettable journey of pleasure.


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