ANAL TOYS Boy Butter 16oz Tub
ANAL TOYS Boy Butter 16oz Tub

Boy Butter - The Ultimate Sexual Lubricant

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Sexual lubricant for enhanced pleasure

Discover a new level of pleasure with Boy Butter, the safe, fun, and highly effective sexual lubricant. Designed to enhance your intimate experiences, Boy Butter provides the perfect glide and lubrication for a wide range of sexual acts. Whether you're indulging in masturbation, exploring mutual pleasure, engaging in anal or vaginal sex, or adding excitement to your sex toy adventures, Boy Butter is the ultimate choice.

Made from high-quality ingredients, Boy Butter offers a creamy texture that feels amazing on the skin. With its long-lasting formula, you can enjoy uninterrupted pleasure without the need for frequent reapplication. Whether you prefer covered or bareback sex, Boy Butter provides the ideal lubrication to heighten your sensations and intensify your intimate moments.

Boy Butter goes beyond the basics and caters to all preferences and desires. From same-sex encounters to straight, lesbian, and everything in between, Boy Butter ensures a smooth and pleasurable experience for everyone involved. It's also perfect for fisting, adding a sensual touch to erotic massages, and even spicing up birthday celebrations with novelty fun.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Sexual Lubricant
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

  1. Is Boy Butter safe to use with condoms? Yes, Boy Butter is condom-friendly and can be used with both latex and non-latex condoms.
  2. Is Boy Butter suitable for sensitive skin? Absolutely! Boy Butter is formulated to be gentle on the skin and is suitable for all skin types.
  3. Does Boy Butter leave stains? No, Boy Butter is easy to clean and does not leave stains on fabrics or bedding.
  4. Is Boy Butter compatible with sex toys? Yes, Boy Butter can be safely used with most sex toys for enhanced pleasure.
  5. How long does Boy Butter last? Boy Butter offers long-lasting lubrication, ensuring a smooth experience without the need for frequent reapplication.


  • Adult
  • Romance
  • Erotica


  • Sexual exploration
  • Pleasure enhancement
  • Intimate connection


Experience the ultimate pleasure with Boy Butter, the premium sexual lubricant designed to elevate your intimate moments. Say goodbye to friction and discomfort, and unlock a new level of excitement and satisfaction. With Boy Butter, you can indulge in a wide range of sexual acts, from masturbation to anal, vaginal, or even sex toy fun. Discover why Boy Butter is trusted by individuals and couples worldwide and elevate your pleasure to new heights.


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