Anal Trainer Kit Carbon Metallic Black
Anal Trainer Kit Carbon Metallic Black


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Anal Trainer Kit Carbon Metallic Black

Jet Anal Trainer Kit Carbon Metallic Black 3 piece butt plugs. Ready to take a dive into extreme anal exploration? The Jet Anal Trainer Kit will help your body safely acclimate to major length and girth!

Start small and work your way up to large. Jet plugs feel soft and realistic. Jet plugs are safe, contains no latex, fragrance. Each plug is tapered for comfortable insertion and is equipped with a neck to hold it in place and a firm base for anal safety. Lube them up and get ready to train!

Features: taped for easy insertion. Broad, flexible safety T base. Easy to clean. Made from body safe materials and meets or exceeds international safety standards as set forth by CE and RoHS directives.

Contains no latex, synthetic fragrances. Body safe. It is your body be mindful of what you put in it. Train from small butt plug to large butt plug. Color Carbon Metallic Black. Material PVC. UPC 855215007395


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