Doc Johnson Novelties Meds & Supplements SPANISH FLY DROPS-COLA BX
Doc Johnson Novelties Meds & Supplements SPANISH FLY DROPS-COLA BX


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Spanish Fly Drops Coffee Sex liquid Zesty Cola flavored sex drops. For decades, people have believed that Spanish Fly liquid brings out sexual energy from anyone who drinks it. Spanish Fly sex drops come in different flavors. Aphrodisiacs by definition are any substance that arouses sexual desire. These desires can be through the olfactory or nasal passages,while other aphrodisiacs can be ingested as with the liquid Spanish Fly. Take your fantasy of wild and hot nights and make it a reality! Contains: Yohimbe, Horny Goat Weed, Ginseng. 1 fluid ounce bottle. Available in hot cherry, wild strawberry, stimulating coffee, and zesty cola. Each sold separately. Ingredients: Albus Whey, Capsicum, Ammonium Singber, Ginseng. Lotions/Potions & Aphrodisiacs from Doc Johnson Novelties the Great American Toy Company. Please note packaging changes.
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