Doc Johnson Novelties Dildos & Dongs HARD RAMMER
Doc Johnson Novelties Dildos & Dongs HARD RAMMER


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Are you ready for The Hard Rammer? Here come bulging-veined, lifelike cock, complete with a sturdy grip to keep you in command. The insistent head and thick shaft The Hard Rammer is a realistic dildo with hefty length and girth, as well as a full size handle built in for thrusting pleasures. Made of fleshlike Sil-A-Gel, it warms up and gives, just like real human skin, with an added antibacterial benefit. Colorized details like a pink penis head and blue raised veins add even more realism to this erotic sex toy. Great for solo explorations or intense partner play, the Hard Rammer is great for experts but probably a little too big for beginners. Flesh Dildo measures 15 inches long, can safely be inserted 9 inches. Circumference is 6 inches around. Features: Handle. PVC, Non-Phthalate, Anti-Bacterial Sil-A-Gel, Latex free, Cadmium free. Doc Johnson Novelties the Great American Toy Company. Made in the USA.
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