HOTT Products Erotic Body Lotions ORGASMIX PILLOW PACK 8PC
HOTT Products Erotic Body Lotions ORGASMIX PILLOW PACK 8PC


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Orgasmix Orgasm Enhancement Gel Pillow Pack 8 Pieces. Female sexual enhancement gel, Orgasmix is a water-based arousal gel that can be used on the nipples or clitoris to make mild sensations feel wild! A great way to enhance regular sex and promote more orgasms, this easy to use gel is simply rubbed into the desired area to activate the effects! Made with natural sexual enhancing extracts like yohimbe and ginseng, Orgasmix harnesses the power of the potent stimulator L-Arginine to increase blood flow to intimate areas for more pleasure. Type: Arousal Gel Count: 8 piece per card. Ingredients: Propylene Glycol, Hydroxyechlcellose N.F, L-Arginine, Menthol, Yohimbe, Ginseng, Methylparaben, Purified Water, CPL #9. Orgasmix Orgasm Enhancement Gel from Hott Products Unlimited.
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