Fucked Up Board Game
Fucked Up Board Game


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Fucked Up Board Game

What the Fuck Totally Fucked Up Board Game. An update to the popular drinking game What the Fuck?, this Totally Fucked Up Version raises the bar with even more outrageous questions and drink penalties. Two books worth of questions ensures that the fun will last all night! Playable in a group of any size, crazy questions are posed to someone and the rest of the group guesses on how that person will answer. Anyone with incorrect guesses must take a drink or shot. A great ice-breaker and hilarious way to get the party started, this is the game where you will find out if your friend would rather stick their tongue on a frozen pole or in a cow's mouth! Type: Drinking Game Weight: 9 ounces in package. Drinking Games, adult games, board games. Item BG.006. What the Fuck Totally Fucked Up from Kheper Games. Kheper Games is based in Seattle, Washington.


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