Cock Rings from Oxballs
Cock Rings from Oxballs

Hunkyjunk cog 2-size c-ring cobalt/tar (net)

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Cock Rings from Oxballs

Hunky Junk COG 2 Size Cock Rings from Oxballs. COG rubbery cock rings are 1 small plus 1 large ring. The big COG is designed for guys that like a heftier super stretchy cock ring, the smaller COG for a tighter fit or wear it on your ball sack Hünky Junk likes to offer more options for all kinds of play.

Each pack has 2 different color rings, both with knurled grip surface texture that looks cool and feels amazing at Hunky Junk we love the details! Our plus + silicone Thermoplastic Rubber TPR/silicone blend: silicone for a smooth and warm feel, TPR for amazing stretch and strength. Phthalate free.

Stats approximate: Small cock ring width 2 inches, height 2 inches, depth .5 inch. Outer circumference 6 inches, inner circumference 2.75 inches.

Large cock ring width 2.25 inches, height 2.25 inches, depth .75 inch, outer circumference 6.75 inches, inner circumference 3.25 inches. Colors Cobalt Blue, Tar Black.


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