Dildos & Dongs Peacemaker vixskin caramel (net)
Dildos & Dongs Peacemaker vixskin caramel (net)

Peacemaker Vixskin Caramel Double Sided Dildo - Embrace Diversity in Pleasure

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Vixskin Double Sided Dildo

Get ready to experience the ultimate pleasure with the Peacemaker Vixskin Caramel Double Sided Dildo from Vixen Creations. If you loved our Nexus, the Peacemaker will take your pleasure to a whole new level! Handcrafted using the tried and true VixSkin formula, this double-sided dildo is the perfect blend of realism and versatility.

With a total length of 13 inches, the Peacemaker features two unique sides. The realistic side boasts a large profile, measuring 6.5 inches in insertable length and 1.875 inches in girth. On the other hand, the hooked side is delightfully curved, offering smooth and subtly textured sensations, and measures 5.25 inches in insertable length and 1.5 inches in girth.

Discover a world of pleasure and intimacy with the Peacemaker. Swap sides for more diversity, and experience wild rides when you pair it with a harness. Made from the safest 100% Platinum Silicone, this dildo is not only durable and luxurious but also retains body heat for a lifelike experience.

Cleaning is a breeze as the Peacemaker is non-porous, allowing you to use soap and water or sterilize it by boiling for 3 minutes. Its solid inner core ensures functional use and unbeatable performance. Handmade and designed by knowledgeable and diverse Vixen staff in the USA, this dildo comes with an exceptional warranty, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Dildos / Dongs / Double Dongs / Realistic Dildos and Dongs
  • Manufacturer: Vixen Creations
  • Materials: 100% Platinum Silicone
  • Total Length: 13 inches
  • Curved Side Dimensions: 5.25 inches insertable length by 1.5 inches girth
  • Straight Side Dimensions: 6.5 inches insertable length by 1.875 inches girth


  • Realistic Texture and Shape
  • VixSkin Formula for Authentic Feel
  • Non-Porous and Body-Safe
  • Retains Body Heat for Lifelike Sensations
  • Durable and Luxurious
  • Solid Inner Core for Functional Use
  • Compatible with Harness

Care Instructions:

  • Clean with Soap and Water
  • Sterilize by Boiling for 3 Minutes


Enjoy an unbeatable warranty for the Peacemaker, ensuring your satisfaction with every use.


The Peacemaker Vixskin Caramel Double Sided Dildo brings a new level of pleasure and diversity to your intimate experiences. With its realistic texture, perfect curves, and versatile design, it guarantees a wild ride every time. Embrace the joys of diverse pleasure and discover new heights of satisfaction with this handcrafted and luxurious double-sided dildo. Let the Peacemaker be the key to making peace and passion in your intimate moments!

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