Anal Toy Storage and Maintenance: Best Practices


Anal toys can bring immense pleasure to their users, but the enjoyment doesn't end when the fun is over. In order to maintain hygiene and improve the lifespan of these toys, proper care and storage is of utmost importance. The importance of this can't be overstressed because it's not only about the longevity of the toy itself but equally so about your health. This blog post will guide you through the necessary steps and best practices to keep your anal toys in top shape and condition.

Proper Cleaning of Anal Toys

Before you even think about storing your toy, cleaning comes first. After each use, it's necessary to wash the toy thoroughly with warm water and mild, unscented soap. By nature, anal toys are exposed to bacteria that should not end up anywhere else, so cleanliness is vital. Avoid using harsh cleaners which may deteriorate the material of the toy. Drying the toy should follow next, and it's recommended to air dry rather than towel dry to evade any lint hitchhiking.

If your toy is made of silicone, glass, or stainless steel, sterilizing it in boiling water after regular cleaning can provide a more in-depth clean. However, always verify with the manufacturer's instructions especially for vibrators or battery operated toys that cannot withstand heat. For porous materials such as jelly or rubber, use toy-friendly antibacterial sprays after washing.

Safe and Hygienic Storage

Once your toy is squeaky clean and dried, the next step is to store it properly. Avoid throwing it back in your bedside drawer or leaving it out in the open. Instead, opt for a cool, dark, airtight space that won’t expose it to dust or damage. Many toys come with their own storage bags, but if yours didn’t, consider purchasing a satin or silk bag or use a clean, dedicated container. These storage options will not only keep your toy clean, but also protect it from scratches and any cosmetic damage.

For those with a collection of toys, it's advised to store them separately to prevent reactions between different materials. Silicone, rubber, PVC toys must not touch each other as they could melt and deform. Don’t forget to take out any batteries of powered toys before storage as they could corrode over time. Also, always remember to never store a toy that isn’t completely dry as it can cultivate mould or bacteria.


It's undeniable that anal toys can be an exciting addition to an individual's sexual pleasure kit. However, their benefits can only be maximized when proper cleaning and storage is practiced. The awareness and implementation of the cleaning and storage tips discussed in this blog will not only keep your toys as good as new for longer but also help ensure a satisfying and safe experience every time. After all, in the world of anal toys, your health, safety, and satisfaction should never be compromised.

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