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Work Out Your Frustrations With Erotic Body Massagers

A soothing massage has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to loosen up your body. It can leave you feeling revitalized, intensely relaxed, and with a new sense of calm. If you’re looking for a massage spa in your area, then you’ll want to ensure that you’re going to get the most calming and pleasurable massages for your money.

As nice as visiting a spa may be, you may not have to or even feel comfortable with strangers' hands roaming all over your body. With a magic wand massager, you can ease out your own kinks or even have your partner do it for you. Another advantage of having a personal back massager at home is that you can easily move your relaxing activities into a more erotic direction.

What Kind of Massage are You Looking For?

In most cases, if you’re on the lookout for a good body massager you probably need to be pampered. You’ll need to consider several things before choosing electric body massagers. How and when you plan to use your vibrating toy will determine the best type to purchase for your needs. It could be a weekend away with friends where a pocket massager would come in handy, or even use it on a short trip with your partner.

If you have had a long shift or a hectic week, body massagers electric may be a great way to unwind with minimal effort. Depending on your needs, you should shop around to find the best head massager to meet your needs. Of course, there is always room an anyone massage kit for a finger massager. As you work out the kinks on your body, you can also relax by having a mind-blowing orgasm at the same time.

A quality massage can also be important for your body’s health. If you’re an athlete or even if you work out a lot, then you may be on the lookout for a more intense neck massager to help relax the muscles in your neck and shoulders. A lot of these are used by professionals with greater know-how in the realm of sports massages, but there is no reason you can’t enjoy them at home. You may also want a massage to alleviate back pain, in which case you should look for the best back massager on the market. There are many options to fit just about every need when you know where to look.

Get The Professional Treatment With A Couples Massage

Using massage tools at home is a great way to ease the stress of the day and get connected with your partner. There are plenty of wand massagers, hand massagers, and other erotic aids to help facilitate the experience you desire. That being said, there is something special about having a professional massage both manually and with massage tools. If you are looking for an erotic experience or if you just want to unwind with your partner, a professional armed with body massagers can be just what you need. A professional massage can relax your body, ease tension, and leave you feeling wonderful. What better thing than to share this experience? A couple's massage using a muscle massager will allow you and your partner one to enjoy the luxury of a massage together.

A couple's massage is basically two people in the same room simultaneously getting a massage from two different massage therapists at the same time. This can be a great way to introduce a partner to the benefits of erotic massage and is also a rejuvenating bonding experience, too. There are no ‘rules’ for a couples massage: you can talk freely interact with each other and you can also ask the therapist to swap mid-way through your massage. For those who are looking for a back massager target but want to share the experience with their partner, this is a great way to do it.

There are a few different massage locations to chose from. For couples who are simply seeking to ease their body pain and relax, any traditional spa can help. Couples who are looking to be a bit more adventurous may need to look for special spas that offer erotic massage. Though they aren’t offered by all establishments, couples massage are all the rage right now. Despite their popularity, couples massages will still (more often than not) work out cheaper than two individual massages. You can take your own vibrating prostate massager and finger massager if you plan to take the erotic route for your couple's session.

It’s highly recommended that you look for a reputable couple's erotic massage therapist for your sessions to get the most out of your time together. While a lower price may seem more attractive, you should also remember that you are going to get what you pay for: experienced massage therapists with years of experience, training, and quality will undoubtedly charge more. Some locations offer massagers for sale on-site, so if you like one that was used in your session, you can buy one to take home with you.

Powerful Relief at the Tips of Your Fingers

Big bulky massager s are sturdy enough to get the job done but sometimes pleasure and relaxation need a gentle touch. Handheld massagers are closer to what you may have in mind for easy access to various nooks and crannies, but a finger massager machine can take it a step further. Finger massagers are small, discreet, and usually soundless. These powerful little machines pack a lot of vibration into small packages so you can get the sensation you crave while you are on the go.

A personal finger massager such as the Jimmy Jane Contour ceramic is small enough to fit in your purse. For the guys, this handy personal massager can fit in a backpack or even in a computer bag. Not only can you use these small but powerful massagers to ease the kinks in your neck and shoulders, you can also use them to satiate your more carnal urges. Imaging rubbing out the kinks in your lower back or on your arms but then traveling a little lower with your fingertip massager.

Another benefit of using a finger tip massager is that you can use it anywhere. Most models have a unique aesthetically pleasing shape that allows it to appear as if it is nothing more than a conversation piece. Of course, using it to pleasure yourself during office hours will make you the topic of conversation. Nothing is wrong with a little exhibitionism while you ease away your stress with the help of a mini massager. Get those hard to reach spots between your shoulder blades, your inner thighs, and even your most sensitive spots with no more than a touch of your finger.

Some of the Best Things Come in Small Packages

Every part of the body deserves tender loving care. For those who work on the computer all day, or even those who have jobs that require constant use of the hands, a hand massager can certainly come in handy. Imagine gentle vibrations coasting over each and every digit as the pain of the day is massaged away. Your hands are your most important asset so it is important to keep them limber and ready to work. Once your fingers are relaxed, you can use them to tease your partner, tickle your lover, or even pleasure yourself in ways never before imagined.

Depending on the model, a hand massager can be used to gently soothe your hands and wrist as well as provide succor to other areas of the body. A multi-headed hand massager can be used to stimulate your erogenous zones while offering pulses of soothing vibrations at the same time. There is no limit or rules on how you relax or how you play. One of my favorites is the Roller Balls massager. This fits snugly on one hand and has several balls along the underside of the pad. You can roll this over your other hand, around your body, or even all over your partner for a soothing yet stimulating interaction.

Larger models such as the Mini Wanachi offer a powerful punch, but it also takes up a lot of space. Sometimes, you just want a massager that you can hold in the palm of the hand as you lay in bed alone or with your partner. For this purpose, I suggest a mini massager such as the Mimic Plus. This little massager literally fills no more than the palm of your hand and is shaped perfectly to glide over every curve of the body. Mini massagers allow you to produce targeted pressure that results in intense pleasure as the wave of erotic sensations cascade over your body.

Have You Used Your Magic Wand Today?

Massagers have been around for generations, centuries even. Some of the earliest massagers were made out of wooden balls that rumbled across the body with manual manipulation. Massagers have come a long way since then, and when things went electric, the humble wand-style personal massager was the first on the market. The very first of these was the  Hitachi Magic Wand which was touted as a personal massager. *wink* *wink*. Of course, this was way back in 1968, and while it was used by many to get rid of shoulder knots and back pain, it was also used quite frequently on clitorises.

Just like anything that involves sex, stimulation, and pleasure, varying models, styles, and brands started coming out with their take on this innovative creation. The older versions had long cords which meant you were limited in your positions and movement, but come 2014, battery operation liberated libidos from being tied to one place.

Wand massagers, in general, have larger motors and will also vibrate in lower pulses than other massagers or erotic toys. Tiny vibrators buzz, wand massagers rumble. The main difference is in the number of soothing vibrations and the type of vibrations the machine gives off. Rumbling penetrates deeper and is more satisfying while buzzing can often leave a person feeling unfulfilled. Granted, the wand massager can offer more bang, but for those looking for less bulk, a mini wand massager can give you that deep thrum you crave without taking up so much space.

If you are one of the few people who has never tried a wand massager, you are in for a treat. There are a lot of wands on the market, but the best wand massager is those that make you feel like you are on fire everywhere it vibrates. Not all massagers have to be internal, and for those who prefer to keep their stimulation on the outside a wand is the obvious choice. You can also pair a wand massager with actual penetration by your partner or with any other erotic toy such as a realistic dildo.

There are wand massagers that fit just about every aesthetic and lifestyle from bright colored wands, to miniatures you can toss in your bag. Being that you will most likely get a lot of play out of your toy, you may even be interested in a waterproof model that can stand up to as much fluid action as you can throw at it.

Get The Two Finger Surprise With A Stimulating Finger Massager

Since we are on the topic of massagers, there is no way to go without mentioning stimulating finger models. Finger massagers are available in different shapes, colors, brands, and even models. There are massagers that actually bring comfort and relief to your fingers, which is essential for people who do detailed work such as sewing or typing. Then, there are other models that are made with more erotic adventures in mind. An electric finger massager is a handy model that can do both, soothe your fingers and help you to reach a screaming orgasm at the same time.

Erotic massage doesn’t have to be limited to the bedroom or even on dry land. Take your erotic play to the bathtub, shower, hot tub, or even the pool. If you have to be in an outdoor location such as the beach, you can get your jollies in style with a waterproof pocket massager. These types of massagers are just as powerful as their full-size cousins but simply have the added advantage of being safe to use in the water. This is also a great option if you happen to be a girl that gets extra wet during sex play, or if you are a guy that knows how to make a woman squirt.

For couples, or singles who like to engage in exhibition play, or those who simply like to be ready whenever the mood strikes, there are portable options for you. The pocket rocket massager is a smaller handheld massage tool that is much more powerful than its size implies. It has a powerful motor that can vibrate over your erogenous zones, the clit, or any other area that could do with some attention. Most models are made small enough to fit in your actual pocket even if you don’t really have plans to transport them in this way. These powerful body massagers are made to give soothing pleasure, discretely.

Using Message to Bring Your Relationship to Another Level

Communicating with others can be difficult even in the best of time, but with couples, there is often more left unsaid that is healthy. Communication with your partner can help keep your relationship healthy as well as help you both grow. If you’re looking to boost your relationships with your partner, massage is a great way to open the door. Nothing says that you are dedicated more than physical contact with your partner. Sex is all good and fine, but a massage implies that you care about their well being as well as their sexual health.

When performing a massage manually or with a pocket massager, make eye contact. Nothing says that you’re paying attention to someone more than looking at their eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and that is true. Not only will you show that you are paying attention, but you can also flirt and make your massage more erotic with subtle foreplay. You can read someone’s emotions by looking at their eyes which can also help them relax as you ease away the stress of the day.

Don’t let your shyness keep you from looking at your partner. Take ownership of your message! Whether you are working out their kinks with a lower back massager or giving them a sensual massage half-naked, be bold. Making eye contact will enhance your relationship and make you more effective at growing your relationship.

Make His Night or Even His Week With a Gentle Prostate Massage

There is a lot of focus on women when it comes to vibrators, sex toys, and massagers. While women may be the biggest users, there are a lot of male-targeted massagers on the market. Specifically, men who are looking to boost their erections and maximize their ejaculations can do so with a prostate massager. These handy little massagers are made specifically to fit the male anatomy. They have a gentle curve that allows the massager to stimulate the prostate and trigger a strong, erotic response. While some may balk at having anything near their asshole, once you try P-spot stimulation, chances are you will never go back.

When I wanted my partner to get into P-spot stimulation, I knew I had to start off with the best. I grabbed what I feel is the best prostate massager for beginners from my favorite erotic store, Sex Supply Shop. If you want to pamper you man, then pick up the Hugo Black prostate massager. I guarantee that it is well worth the price. Not only will it make his orgasms 33% more powerful, but it is also small, gentle, and easy to use for men just getting into the art of anal massage. You can control it with the included remote, or operate it by hand for a more intimate experience.

For those already comfortable with anal play, then adding a vibrating prostate massager to your erotic arsenal is an excellent way to make his week a blast. Literally.  Adding vibrations to your anal play can make any massage session more erotic, satisfying, and explosive. I like to use a remote control vibrating prostate massager so that I can increase or decrease the vibrations during penetration. This makes our bedroom play much more intense and is the perfect way to erase the stress from the week in a pleasurable way.

Tips on Performing The Perfect Massage

Massage is more than just rubbing your hands of your partner’s body, or using a finger massager machine to give them an orgasm. Be a good listener. You may have heard this before but it’s really a good thing to do. If you want to know someone better, you have to listen to them. If you want to know what they want, you have to listen to them. You should spend more time listening than speaking. The other person will feel comfortable with what you are doing, they will let you know, the same thing goes for when they don’t like a sensation during your massage sessions. Nothing can spoil anal play quicker than being too rough with a vibrating prostate massager, and ignoring your partner's verbal queues.

Smile. If you want to make your partner feel good as you run your pocket rocket massager over their body, just flash your beautiful smile. Whether you’re trying to trigger her orgasm with a finger tip massager or build trust while using a vibrating prostate massager, a smile will go a long way in warming someone up. Smiling shows that you have a positive attitude and it can also show that you have a sense of humor. Laughter can be the best medicine and you can cheer up anyone with a smile. You can also use a smile to be persuasive but it’s best to only use it for good!

Always express your appreciation. Showing that you appreciate someone going over your kinks with a lower back massager will enhance your bond greatly. Tell your lover how beautiful they look or thank them for buying a mini wand massager for you. Showing your gratitude for a massage well done lets them know that you appreciate them and it never hurts to go out of your way to do it.     

Tired, Sore, and in Need of Relief? Work Out Those Kinks With A Good Massage!

Sex is a great way to get rid of stress, have fun, and create intimacy with your partner. There are a lot of erotic toys, lubes, penis and pussy pumps and not to mention kinky wear to spice up your play. As fun and entertaining as all those may be, sometimes you just need some good old fashioned healing. When you are sore from a night of wild sex, or even if you just overexerted yourself at the gym, a muscle massager can help. You can use a massager to relax sore muscles all over your body, and the good thing is many regular massagers can do double duty and also serve for erotic play.

For people who spend a lot of time sitting at a desk or even driving as a profession, lower back pain can really become an issue. When you have kinks in your back, not only is it painful, but it can put a damper on your sex life. It's rather hard to pump and thrust of your back is screaming in pain. The same goes for women, it isn’t easy to ride him in a reverse cowboy if your back is on fire. Using a lower back massager will help ease those stiff muscles so that you can feel at ease and enjoy your erotic bedroom play without pain.

One of my favorite dual-use massagers is the Fukuoku Right Hand Glove. This interesting gadget gives off 9,000 vibrations per minute. It’s a wearable massager that you can use to work on muscles all over the body to relieve pain or to create pleasurable sensations. One I like to use on myself after work is the My Secret wand. It looks like a regular wand massager and can be used erotically or on other areas. In my line of work, I tend to get kinks right between my shoulder blades. This wand is long enough to reach that delicate area and gives me just the right amount of pressure and vibration to relieve my aches and pains. Of course, once I am relaxed, I can easily lay day, spread my legs, and find sexual release with the same device!

When I was last shopping for body massagers and erotic toys, I had a back massager target that I wanted to reach. I was looking for a massager that was shaped perfectly to hit both my upper and lower back, but one that could also be used for erotic adventures with my partner. There are so many on Sex Supply Shop’s site, so finding several to choose from took no more than a few minutes. We ended up choosing a waterproof model so that we could pair the strong body massager with warming oil. Not only does this help soothe muscles, but it is also a great way to engage in sensual sensation play.

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