How to Strengthen Pelvic Floor Muscles

Make Your Pussy Pop Literally, With Ben Wa balls

Most people can agree that a tight pussy is quite desirable. While there may be antiquated ideas about why a woman’s nether regions may be loose, the actual cause is centered around female pelvic floor muscles. There are many things that can cause weak pelvic floor muscles such as injury, pregnancy, childbirth, or even simply being out of shape. Thankfully, just like any other muscle in your body, those in your pelvic floor can be strengthened.

There are a few ways to go about training pelvic floor muscles which can depend on the cause of the laxity, your physical health, and your desired goal. You may be wondering how improving the elasticity of your vaginal walls can have an effect on your sexual health, and the short answer is the stronger your vaginal walls, the stronger your orgasms will be, and more.

What is The Pelvic Floor and Why Does It Matter?

Your pelvic floor is a group of muscles that help to support the organs in your pelvis. The muscles of the pelvic floor support the uterus, bladder, and bowels. For men, this area supports only the bowels and bladder, but for women, it supports all three organs. This group of muscles is essential to the way the body functions, childbirth as well as for sexual health. The proper term for the muscles of the pelvic floor is the pubococcygeus muscles.

The pubococcygeus muscles location lies between your legs stretching from the pubic bone and extending to the tail bone. This hamstring-like group of muscles forms a “floor” along your pelvis on which your organs sit. Over time, these muscles can weaken, or they can weaken due to trauma such as injury or childbirth. As they weaken, the “tightness” that is so desired in a vagina can be lost.

You may be wondering how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles, or if it is even possible to strengthen your pubococcygeus muscles. Thankfully, just like any other muscle on your body, with proper therapy and special pelvic-floor strengthening exercises, you can firm up your nether regions in no time.

Are Your Pelvic Floor Muscles Weak?

Now that you understand where the pelvic floor muscles are located and how they work with you other organs, you have some questions. One of the biggest questions we hear from women, and sometimes even from men, is how do I know if my pelvic floor muscles are strong? There are a few ways to tell depending on your gender and your health condition. The inability to hold your urine, which is called incontinence is a big sign that your pelvic walls muscles are weak. You can test the strength of your pelvic floor muscles as well to determine their strength.

You can also keep an eye out for some of the more weak pelvic floor muscles symptoms to determine if your muscles are in need of therapy. Some of the more common symptoms of a weak pelvic floor are dribbling pee when you run, sneeze, cough or laugh. If you feel the urge to urinate, but are unable to fully hold your bladder until you reach the bathroom, this is also a sign of a weak pelvic floor. Lowered amounts of sensation in the vagina and passing wind often while lifting or bending are other common signs. If you wear tampons and you notice that they don’t stay in place or that they fall out before they are full, chances are you have weak pubococcygeus muscles.

Having weak muscles can be embarrassing, but it isn’t the end of the world. Engaging in pelvic floor muscles therapy will help retrain your muscles and give them the strength they need to properly support your organs. Therapy can also help restore sensation to the vaginal area and improve a person’s sexual experience.

The Benefits of Strengthening Your Pelvic Floor

Loose goosy is never a state to aspire to, nor is having to deal with lower sensation in your sensitive bits when you want a hot night of sexual pleasure. Aside from boosting sexual performance, pelvic floor strengthening offers a wide range of other benefits. Pelvic floor strengthening has been around for ages. Today they are called Kegel exercises, while Taoist sexual practices have been around for hundreds of years.

Vaginal weights have been suggested by obstetricians and gynecologists alike to help control the bladder, improve vaginal elasticity, and to reduce pelvic pain that often follows childbirth. An off-brand use for vaginal weights such as icicles Ben Wa balls is also improving sexual performance. Not only will your vaginal walls get tighter, but you will also learn to master control of your vaginal muscles during penetration. Women who start pelvic floor training ahead of their pregnancy can expect to have an easier birth process and a much quicker recovery of the bodily function.

If you are wondering how to strengthen pelvic floor muscles quickly, Ben Wa balls are the way to go. There is nothing better than a woman who knows when and how to clench to keep her partner satisfied all night long. Training with vaginal weights is also much easier than you think. For women who dedicate 15 minutes out of their day to the balls, they will notice visibly stronger pelvic walls as early as a month later.

Tighten Your Pelvic Floor Though With Ben Wa balls

One of the common questions that comes across in my DM’s often is how to tighten pelvic floor muscles quickly. After all, the idea of doing a little exercise to boost your performance in bed without any side effects is going to be alluring. Even those who have recently given birth and want to get their pre-baby pussy back are interested in pubococcygeus muscles exercise to firm up their lady bits so they can get back on the horse as they say.

Working with pelvic weights such as heavy Ben Wa balls will take your pelvic exercises to the next level. These balls come in many sizes, shapes, and weights. They are usually a single ball or a series of balls that have a cord attached to the end. They will be inserted into the vagina with the long cord end hanging out. The exercise that strengthens your walls is the actual clenching of the balls with your pelvic muscles.

Less talked about, but equally important is knowing how to relax pelvic floor muscles. Most people want to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles because they are too loose, but relaxing those same muscles will help teach you to control contractions, your bladder, and even posture. It is important to start off small though, perhaps with a 10 gram ball and move up the ladder as your therapy progresses.

Perfect Your Passion With Geisha Balls

When you're not turning to geisha balls for health reasons, you can also use them to increase your arousal and boost your sexual pleasure. Balls that you want to use during your sex play should be connected with a silicone cord as opposed to being a single ball that you use as a weight. There are many ways to increase your sexual performance using geisha balls and Ben Wa balls.

Learning how to use geisha balls for sexual pleasure is as easy as learning to play with a new erotic toy. Some women like to insert their Ben Wa balls and pull them in and out similar to anal beads. This helps build awareness of subtle sensations that you experience internally. Another way to use geisha balls is to tug on the strings or rotate the balls during foreplay or anal sex. This gives intense vaginal thrill at the same time is pleasuring your anus.

If you are open to new experiences or perhaps want to take your temperature play up a notch, geisha balls are a great way to go. Warming up your balls, or even making them ice-cold can trigger a balls deep orgasm in your or your partner- literally. Using erotic toys to activate the body’s thermoreceptors can not only increase sexual arousal, but it will also change the way your body understands pleasure, in a good way. Imagine, if you connect ice with sexual pleasure, even the simple act of chewing ice can leave you dripping wet and ready for action.

How To Use Ben Wa balls

The longer you train with kegal, geisha, or Ben Wa balls, the stronger your pelvic muscles will become. However, it is important to use them properly and to remove Ben Wa balls periodically to allow your body to rest. Women who have recently given birth should wait until they receive clearance from their doctor before using vaginal weights. Ben Wa balls also should be worn no longer than six hours at a time. Excess usage could cause the pelvic walls to freeze which can be extremely painful.

Proper hygiene is also extremely important when using vaginal weights. Wash your balls often with mild antibacterial soap and also stick to Ben Wa balls that are crafted from non-porous silicone. A lot of women wonder if do Ben Wa balls really work, especially if they have already attempted more traditional methods of pelvic exercise such as the Kegel method. Ben Wa balls are weighted, so you don’t have to actively do anything other than holding them in place, as a result, your pelvic muscles will increase in strength naturally over time.

You may be wondering what do Ben Wa balls feel like, and the best way to explain is that when inserted, they make you feel full. Depending on the model, there may be added sensation during insertion, or if you have a vibrating model, they will feel like a gentle deeply inserted erotic g-spot vibrator.

Using Ben Wa balls is easy. Arrange yourself in a comfortable position, this can be squatting, laying on your back, or even sitting on a chair with your legs up and spread open. With clean fingers, insert the balls and gently push them into position, similar to how a tampon is inserted. Removing them is equally easy. Just grab the string give it a tug, or you can use your super-strong pelvic muscles to push them out. You can use lube if you need to ease the passage of the ball in or out.

When you first start using Ben Wa balls, you should limit your usage to five minute time periods. This will help you build a tolerance without causing pelvic fatigue. You can use the ball during your normal Kegel exercises or on their own.

What if The Ben Wa balls Don’t Come Out?

When you are browsing online at Sex Supply Shop for Ben Wa balls for sale, you may notice a few questions under the products. For those new to using vaginal weights, it's normal to have some questions, or even want a demonstration. One of the most common questions is can Ben Wa balls get stuck? Considering what the item is and where it goes, it is a smart question. Most Ben Wa balls are single balls with a string attached,  but there are also double or even triple balls toed together. Plenty of women even use vaginal weights without a safety string.

The quick answer to this important question is that Ben Wa balls stuck inside of your pussy is not possible. The smallest Ben Wa balls are 10 grams and the largest is 100 grams. While they may seem small, the opening to your cervix is much, much smaller. The great majority of women have intact ectocervix, which keeps Ben Wa balls, and any other object from passing into your cervix. Of course, if you have had a total hysterectomy, speak with your gynecologist before using vaginal weights.

When you place Ben Wa balls in pussy, keep in mind that the opening of your vaginal canal is about a tenth of an inch in diameter. Also, the vast majority of Ben Wa balls have strings or handles that hang outside of the vaginal opening, so there is little to no chance of it getting lost, regardless of how weak your vaginal muscles may be. The very worst-case scenario is that women who have no uterus may experience a ball getting a ball stuck in a canal of the vagina, but even then it is easy to resolve.

How To Remove Ben Wa balls if They Get Stuck?

As we mentioned, it is not possible to lose vaginal weights, but if you happen to get one of the top rated Ben Wa balls stuck, or lodged in an uncomfortable place, removing them is easy. As you learn to use vaginal weights such as geisha balls, orgasm balls, and Ben Wa balls, it is important to learn removal techniques at the same time.

One way to loosen vaginal weights is to cough hard to help your muscles contract and force them out. You can stand up and jump up and down to dislodge them. Depending on how far along in your strength training you are, even a dedicated effort to squeeze them out will produce results. Of course, the easiest way to prevent them from getting stuck at all is to use a generous amount of lubrication as you would with any erotic toy. Most vaginal weights have a string attached, so getting stuck is not often an issue that comes up very often.

Increasing Your Bedroom Pleasure With Ben Wa balls

Using Venus balls from Sex Supply Shop is a great way to boost your stimulation during couples' erotic play. Depending on your comfort level, you can use orgasm balls for a few minutes during foreplay, or even wear them for a couple hours ahead of penetration. There are even textured and vibrating Ben Wa balls that can prime you or your partner for a night of wild passion.

Make sure to remove the fun toys geisha balls before vaginal penetration, it is unsafe to keep them inside and engage in penetrative play. If you plan to engage in anal play, however, adding extra-large Ben Wa balls to your anal bedroom adventures can boost your experience and make your orgasms much stronger. Ben Wa balls will gently massage the most sensitive spots, such as the g-spot when anal penetration is performed. The feeling of being full paired with rhythmic strokes along the pelvic floor is enough to drive any woman wild with desire.  

On the topic of anal play, it is important to state that though Ben Wa balls are also used as erotic toys or sex aids, they should never be inserted into the anal cavity. They are made specifically for the vaginal cavity and may become lost in the ass. There are many varieties of anal beads, butt plugs, and anal dildos perfectly shaped for anal play.

Ben Wa balls are also excellent masturbation aids for those times when no one is around to scratch your itch. There are vibrating balls that will kiss your g-spot or textured Ben Wa balls that will stroke your walls as you slide them in and out. One of the best ways to stimulate your erotic juices, however, is to leave them inside while you engage in other erotic play. The balls will provide internal stimulation while walking, gyrating, or even during clitoral masturbation.

Stay Sexually Healthy While Using Vaginal Sex Balls

Playing with vaginal weights or experimenting with Ben Wa balls during your sex play is a great way to add variety to your bedroom. Like with any type of erotic activity, it is important to be safe and follow a few basic steps to ensure a safe and healthy sex life. Your pelvic floor helps control your passion during sex but it also supports other organs in your body. It needs to be able to contract and relax on a regular basis, and wearing vaginal weights for too long can restrict this basic function.

Overexertion and discomfort or pain from exercise is a real possibility when using vaginal weights. If used improperly, vaginal tears may occur. It is critical to clean your geisha balls, venus balls, and Ben Wa balls each time you use them. This prevents bacteria from building up and will keep your pussy clean and healthy. The last thing you want is a painful infection from unclean vaginal weights. Some signs to look out for while using Ben Wa balls and other vaginal weights are:

  • Strange vaginal odor
  • Colored or unusual vaginal discharge
  • Pain or discomfort
  • Vaginal bleeding
  • Cramping while wearing the balls

There are many sexual and regular health benefits to using Ben Wa balls. Always consider the level of comfort when choosing what type of erotic toy you would like to purchase. Ben Wa balls come in a wide assortment of materials, shapes, configurations, and colors. The FDA suggests using those made from medical grade silicone, glass, or metal for the best results.

Ready To Take Your Love Making Up a Notch?

Once you have been working out your pelvic floor for a while, you will notice that you have much more control of your sexual performance. Clenching and milking a cock? No problem, holding in a dildo while you are gyrating over your partner? Yup, you can do that too. Along those same lines, chances are your partner will be enjoying themselves much more now that you have a few extra tricks to bring to the bedroom. The fun doesn’t have to stop there. You can punch up the passion by incorporating large Ben Wa balls into your erotic routine.

Bigger orgasm balls will offer even more control over your pelvic floor and your vaginal muscles. There are a wide variety of specialty Ben Wa balls available at Sex Supply Shop online that you can use to add excitement and flavor to your erotic adventures. Why settle for a simple bullet vibrator that will only tickle your clit when you can get vibrating Ben Wa balls for full-service stimulation. There is nothing more erotic than clenching your vaginal muscles around two little balls that are tickling your most sensitive spots.  

For couples, adding some kinky Ben Wa balls to your nighttime tryst can bring back the fire to your bedroom antics. Imagine laying on the bed and feeling your partner slide the balls in and out while they trail their fingers or their tongue along your erogenous zones. Sensation play takes on a whole new meaning when you pair internal stimulation, pelvic training, and external stimulation all at once. There is no rule to how much or how little ball play you can do when it comes to kinky Ben wa ball orgasm sex.

Get Creative With Your Sex Toys With Ben Wa balls

Buying a realistic dildo to masturbate will get you off, but after a while, such a mundane sex toy can get pretty boring. If you know anything about your Kegel muscles, or if you have tried vaginal strengthening exercises in the past, you are in luck. Instead of using vaginal weights simply to strengthen your pelvic floor, you can use remote Ben Wa balls to pleasure your partner all night long. You can hand over the remote after inserting your favorite pair of balls to allow them to control the level and rhythm of your erotic play.

With remote control Ben Wa balls, you can also explore new sexual positions while still getting deep, pelvic stimulation. Do you love to explore the erotic kink that is hardcore anal play? Imagine using a pair of sensuous remote Ben Wa balls while your partner pounds you from behind. You can even use them during Dom and Sub play to rewards or restrict pleasure during your erotic adventures. Ben Wa balls are the ultimate discrete sex toy that everyone dreams about but no one knows is there. They are fully internal, soundless, and entirely stimulating.

Once you have experienced a Ben Wa balls orgasm, you will always come back for more. Do you get turned on by public acts of erotica? Think about using your remote Ben Wa balls when you head out to run errands, or even to the office if you feel daring. Every time you clench you will tighten your pelvic muscles while getting a rush of pleasure at the same time. You can even take your partner with you during public play. Give them the remote when you are outside and let them watch you writhe and moan as you try to hold in your juices from a Ben Wa balls orgasm.

Creative Tips To Make Your Pussy Clench

Not all vaginal weight erotic play has to be done with a partner. You can use Ben Wa balls to make any regular tasks more enjoyable. Did you know that walking with Ben Wa balls will help firm up your pelvic muscles and give sexual stimulation at the same time? Do you hate cleaning the house? Pop in some Ben Wa balls and mop, scrub and vacuum your way to strong orgasm at the same time. Multi-tasking your geisha balls with ordinary tasks will make your pussy tight and tone your muscles too.

For couples who are wondering how to use Ben Wa balls during sex, starting with ben wa ball foreplay is a good idea. Popping in the balls during foreplay stimulates circulation to the vaginal walls. It also makes the entire vaginal area much more sensitive. Stroke your passion with Ben Wa balls as your partner's hands and mouth travel all over your body. You can even tease yourself before your partner gets home so that when they penetrate you, your pussy will literally pop off with sparks of pleasure.

No matter what your kink, adding stainless Ben Wa balls to your sex toy kit is a great idea. Not only will you get tighter vaginal muscles, but you will also be able to pleasure you, partner, more effectively. There are even Ben Wa balls that you can hide in plain sight thanks to their artful crafting and creative coloring. They are even small enough to pop in your purse for pussy tightening on the go. Whatever your desire, vaginal weights are a great way to help you reach your sexual goals with minimal effort. 

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