Keeping It Fresh: How to Clean and Maintain Your Sex Furniture


Sex furniture is becoming increasingly popular as more couples look to heighten their sexual experiences. More than just a tool for pleasure, sex furniture also holds an aesthetic value that can contribute significantly to a room's décor. However, due to its intimate nature, it is understandably vital that it is maintained and kept clean regularly. In this blog, we will explore the proper ways of cleaning and maintaining your sex furniture.

Keeping it Clean

The first step to maintaining your sex furniture is to ensure it’s clean. Depending on the material it's made out of, you may need a different approach. Leather, for instance, should not be cleaned with alcohol-based products as it can dry out the material resulting in cracks. Instead, you might want to consider using leather-specific cleaners. Velvet or fabric material can be steam cleaned or washed with a mild detergent. Except for wooden toys, most sex furniture is compatible with mild soap and water. In the case of penetrative toys, it's essential to sanitize them by boiling, or using a dishwasher if they're made of silicone, stainless steel or glass.

Maintenance and Longevity

Aside from cleanliness, regular maintenance is crucial in preserving the longevity of your sex furniture. For furniture with moving parts, inspect them for any signs of wear and tear and oil them frequently to prevent rust or jamming. Wooden toys should be sealed periodically with a safe coating, whereas, for leather furniture, periodic conditioning will help prevent cracking. Check on attachments regularly and repair or replace if necessary.


Maintaining cleanliness and ensuring regular maintenance of your sex furniture is integral to ensuring its longevity and the safety of its use. While it may require some effort, regular cleaning and maintenance is a small price to pay for the heightened sexual experiences these tools can provide. Proper care not only leads to safer sex but also expands the lifespan of your investment, thus enhancing your experiences for a more extended period. We hope this blog helps you in your journey to keep your intimate items clean and long-lasting. Remember, a clean toy is a safe toy!

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