Collar with Nose Hook
Collar with Nose Hook

Ultimate Submission Collar with Nose Hook for Complete Control

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Collar with Nose Hook

Are you ready to take your domination to the next level? Introducing our Collar with Nose Hook, a unique humiliation piece that offers an unrivaled opportunity for control and restraint. With this exquisite accessory, you can assert your dominance and immerse yourself in a world of thrilling power play.

Product Description

Our Collar with Nose Hook combines elegance, functionality, and a touch of wickedness to create an unparalleled experience. Attached to a luxurious leather collar, the nose hook is ingeniously designed to keep your submissive standing at attention, eyes forward, head back. This simple yet devilish contraption will ensure their head remains wrenched back into place, reinforcing your authority and their obedience.

But here's the exciting part: although the hook restrains their movement, your partner can still attempt to wiggle their way free, intensifying the mental and physical challenge. This adds a delightful layer of control, where not only their body but also their mind is subject to your commands. Will they endure the discomfort to please you, or will they succumb to temptation and face the consequences? The choice is yours, Master or Mistress.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Collar with Nose Hook is designed to restrict movement, requiring your submissive to maintain perfect posture. Any deviation will serve as a reminder of their place, prompting immediate corrective action. The high-quality materials ensure durability, while the sleek black color adds a touch of sophistication to your BDSM endeavors.

Product Details

  • Collar Measurements: Fits necks up to 17.5 inches in circumference
  • Nose Strap Length: 20 inches
  • Material: Premium man-made leather, sturdy metal
  • Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the Collar with Nose Hook work? A: The nose hook is attached to a standard leather collar and keeps your sub's head wrenched back, eyes forward, and in a posture of submission.

Q: Can the submissive free themselves from the nose hook? A: Although it is possible for your partner to try to wiggle their way free, the design ensures a challenging and restricting experience, emphasizing their obedience.

Q: Is the collar adjustable for different neck sizes? A: Yes, the collar is designed to fit necks up to 17.5 inches in circumference, providing a comfortable yet secure fit.

Q: What materials is the collar made of? A: The collar is made of high-quality man-made leather, ensuring both durability and a luxurious feel.


  • BDSM
  • Fetish
  • Dominance and Submission
  • Power Play
  • Role-Playing


  • Control and Restraint
  • Obedience and Discipline
  • Mental Domination
  • Sensory Deprivation


Indulge in the ultimate power exchange with our Collar with Nose Hook. This meticulously crafted accessory enhances your control, allowing you to immerse yourself in the intoxicating world of dominance and submission. Experience the thrill of restraining your sub's movement and compelling them to hold their posture, all while they succumb to your every command. Unleash your desires and push the boundaries of pleasure with this exquisite collar.


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