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Sex Party Games

Are you looking for a way to spice up your date nights or have a bit of fun with your favorite flirt? If so, sex party games are a great way to break the ice with other consenting adults. Most pre-wedding events have sex games at party, but instead of being predictable, try something more exciting instead. Skip the boob shots and pin the penis on the stripper and make your nights wild with sex board games that everyone can enjoy.

Getting your friends together on the weekend for dinner and drinks is a great way to unwind after a hard week at work. Instead of putting on Netflix or wasting time watching reruns on HBO, why not break out some sex bord games to entertain your guest? Adding a sex games board is a fun way to turn a couples weekend into a playful adult adventure that will bring you all closer together. Who said board games are just for kids, a sex boardgame is the perfect adult cure for boredom and will release sexual tension at the same time.

What Do You Do At A Adult Sex Party

When you hear the term adult sex party, you probably imagine a bunch of naked bodies engaged in various adult ex games or even some form of wild S& M. While this may actually happen, not all adult parties is wild. A lot of parties and events that feature adult party sex games are used to help couples or singles find new erotic toys for their erotic collection. What better way to find a new nipple clamp or even a perfectly shaped prostate massager than by joining a party to test drive them in person?

Of course, there are gatherings that are purely for carnal pleasure such as a sex game party at a swingers club. You can put your name in the ring for a night of pleasure, or you can join with your partner for any of the party sex games that are being hosted at the event. The whole point is to have fun and cum as often as possible.

Spice Up Your Date Night With A Sex Board Game

Date night is always something to look forward to not matter how long you have been together. Dinner and a movie are great, but with most places closed or limiting crows, it may be time to spice things up. Instead of settling for a DVD and takeout, why not add some adventure with adult sexgames?  Dress up and set the mood for a night of fun where you will end up taking it all off during your adult sex card games with your partner. Loosing has never been so fulfilling, especially if you add some erotic toys to your gameplay.

Not all adult sex party games involve cards or stripping. You can even try a sex game board that suggests new toys and new positions for you and your partner to enjoy. Breakaway from the everyday missionary and take a walk, or thrust on the wild side for a date night you will never forget.

Creative Sex Games To Play At A Party

Have you been invited to a party but have no idea what to bring as a form of entertainment, then consider some sex games for parties. These can be as simple as talking about your erotic fantasies, or as wild as acting them out for the crowd. For consenting adults, party game sex can be an exciting way to tap into your wild side without the normal social taboos that tend to surround wild erotic adventures.

Playing sensual adult sex board games like 34 positions or Couplicious is the perfect way to get everyone involved and in the mood for a bit of erotic fun. Sexual adult games have been around for a while, but unlike the striptease games of the past, modern sex adult games truly explore the bounds of group erotica. Couplicious for example can be played by up to eight adults and makes sharing your partner fun and exciting.

Hot & Heavy Gay Sex Board Games Everyone Will Love

Let’s face it, the world is no longer centered around traditional gender roles so it makes sense that the erotic world will change as well. Everyone should be able to enjoy a party sex game regardless of their partner preferences, so we have some gay party games sex ideas that will rock your world, and make you scream in passion. One of our favorite couples sex party game that is perfect for same-sex partners is called The Sex Game. Cliché, we know,  but this board game is a great way for couples to add some adventure to their nights without the need for fancy props or gender-based erotic toys.

Another great gay sex board game is called Loopy. Yes, we know it sounds like a drinking game but it is actually a sex board game that helps to build intimacy while also being fully erotic. The board game has four levels that progress from whispered words in the ear all the way to tickles and mind-numbing sex. There is so much more to gay sex party games that being wild and bending over. After all, the point of erotic play is to heighten the experience and what better way to do that then through increased intimacy.

Make Your Hen Night Hot With Sex Party Games

Wild swingers parties are not the only places where you engage in sex group games. A lot of women love to throw wild bachelorette parties and hen nights before their big day. Aside from hiring a hot hunk to oil up and shake his junk, you will also need a few sex games for party to keep your guest entertained. There are a few sex games to play at parties that we would suggest that can keep you and your girlfriends dripping all night long.

One of our favorite adult sec games that can be enjoyed at a hen party is A Deeper Shade of Red. Consider this adult sex game a soft entry into BDSM, or just gentle bondage without the need for penetration. Tie up your girlfriends and gently whip each other, or follow the cards for a wild night before your big day.

Make Your Missus Drip With Lesbian Board Games This Weekend

If you are looking for an erotic sex board game to enjoy with your lesbian lover, then you will cream for Love at First Bite. This is one of the most loved games featured at an adult sex party that work equally well at home. This erotic board game is a mix of submissive play and vampire role-playing. The point of these board sex games is to bite, lick, and suck their way through to the end. The actions laid out in this steamy board game are perfect for girl on girl action that will still always be a better love story than twilight.

Granted, not everyone is into vampires or even role play. If board games are not really up your ally, then you might enjoy a lesbian sex card game such as Bedroom battle. This card game is highly interactive with erotic sexual rewards that will make gameplay steamier than a sauna filled with sweaty men just out of the gym.

Spice Up Your Bachelor Party With Sexual Party Games

Typical bachelor parties entail a trip to the strip club, getting knocked down drunk, and maybe tossing your cookies on the best man's shoes. Instead of a traditional, and predictable party, consider a private location with sex boardgames instead. Rent a private hall along with all of your friends for a few fun sex party games that you can enjoy as a group. Invite bubbly, curvy entertainers or make it a couples night to remember.

Adding adultsex games to your bachelor party will turn it from a forgettable night at the strip club into an erotic encounter to remember. Remember, not all adult sex board game activities involve penetration,  so you can have your fun without feeling guilty the next day. There is nothing better than blowing off steam before the nerves of your big day take over, literally.

Upgrade Your Party Games Sexual Tips and More

Whether you are looking to spice up your own sexual adventures with some x rated adult games or if you are looking for games to play at a sex party, Sex Supply Shop can help. We have a wide selection of games that you can play at home with your partner, or in a large group with your friends. We have adult sex games that can be paired with erotic toys or those that need no more than your imagination and participation.

One of our best sellers is The Party Sex Game which made for groups of six people or more. It takes you over the full range of erotic activities starting from delicious foreplay and erotic role-play to balls deep sex that will leave your nerves on fire. There are a lot of sex games for groups to choose from that appeals to all sorts of desires and preferences. Are you into bondage? We have board game sex to fit your niche. What about furries? We have that too! No matter what kind of kinky adult sex games you want to play, you are sure to find something in our collection to get you off!

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