Emotion Lotion Tangerine 100ml - Flavored Warming Massage Delight!

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Flavored Warming Massage Lotion

Experience the ultimate delight with Emotion Lotion Tangerine, the world's original flavored warming massage lotion that has remained the #1 selling brand for an impressive 45 years! Indulge in a romantic massage with this tantalizing lotion made from completely edible ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Flavored Warming Massage Lotion
  • Edible Ingredients for Safe and Sensual Play
  • Gets Warm with Rubbing, Gets Hot with Blowing
  • Perfect for Romantic Massages and Setting the Mood
  • Water-Based and Condom Compatible
  • Delivers Deliciously Safe Sex Practice
  • Apply Anywhere on Partner or Yourself for Tasty Fun
  • Each Bottle Contains 100ml of Luscious Tangerine Flavor
  • Made in the USA

Emotion Lotion Tangerine brings the heat to your intimate moments. As you rub it on naked skin, it warms up, and when you blow on it, the sensation intensifies to a pleasurable heat. The tangerine flavor adds a delightful twist to your romantic encounters, inviting you and your partner to explore new sensations.

This water-based massage lotion is not only delicious but also condom compatible, ensuring safe and pleasurable sex practice. Apply it anywhere on your partner's body or your own for tantalizing adult fun and sensational sexual pleasure.

With each bottle containing 100ml of this delectable personal lubricant, you'll never see tangerine the same way again! Emotion Lotion offers a variety of flavors, so you can pick the one that entices you the most.

Product Details:

  • Product Name: Emotion Lotion Tangerine 100ml LU204
  • Flavored Warming Massage Lotion
  • Edible Ingredients for Safe Play
  • Bottle Contains: 100ml of Luscious Tangerine Flavor
  • Water-Based and Condom Compatible
  • Made in the USA


  • Health & Wellness
  • Intimate Pleasure


  • Sensual Delights with Flavored Massage Lotion
  • Tantalizing Tangerine Flavor for Erotic Encounters

Conclusion: Indulge in a world of pleasurable sensations with Emotion Lotion Tangerine 100ml LU204. This flavored warming massage lotion is perfect for romantic massages and setting the mood for a night of love making. With its tantalizing tangerine flavor and warmth, you and your partner will embark on an unforgettable journey of sensual pleasure.


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