Anal Lube Dos and Don'ts


Society is opening up to various sexual practices, and the use of anal lube is rising with it. Anal lubes come in handy to enhance the comfort of anal sex and are a go-to product for both beginners and veterans alike. However, as with any other product going into intimate areas, there are specific dos and don'ts to adhere to.

Whether you're a novice or well-versed in this domain, this blog will guide you through essential dos and don'ts of anal lube use, ensuring that your experiences remain pleasant and pain-free. Let's dive into the details!

The Dos

The first golden rule when it comes to anal lube is to use plenty of it. The anal area doesn't self-lubricate like the vagina, necessitating liberal amounts of lube for optimal comfort. Secondly, always opt for a thicker, longer-lasting gel. Water-based lubes are recommended as they’re comfortable and compatible with all sex toys and condoms.

It's also essential to apply lube not just on the surface but also inside. A lube applicator or a lubricated finger can be used for this purpose. Lastly, maintain your hygiene by ensuring to clean up your toys and yourself after use.

The Don'ts

Just as there are dos, there are a few don'ts too. Never use spit as a substitute for anal lube. It lacks the required consistency and will lead to uncomfortable or even painful experiences. It's also important to avoid oil-based lubes if you’re using latex condoms, as the oil can break down the latex, making it ineffective.

Avoid using lubes with ‘numbing’ agents. Although they might promise painless experience, they can lead to injuries due to the desensitization of the area. Lastly, if you feel discomfort or pain,

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