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Bnaughty Unleashed Classic Purple Vibrator from Bswish. For game lovers and thrill seekers, our Bnaughty Classic Unleashed is the ultimate high. Surrender your senses, hand over the wireless remote, and dare to control your quiver. In private or public, this quiet device will not give you and your partner away. Materials ABS Plastics, with a polyurethane PU cote. Size girth 1.3 inches. Bullet vibrator length 3 inches. Vibrating bullet is powered by 4 AAA batteries, not included. 5 functions. Approximately time 3 hours. Box contents 1 instruction booklet, 1 massager, 1 pouch. Waterproof for play outside the bedroom.

Vibrating Bullets and Eggs Collection

Whether you're with a new partner or someone you've been with for decades, adult vibrators can help you reach climax, spice things up in the bedroom, and take your sex life from ordinary to extraordinary. Bullet vibrators and vibrating eggs are small and discreet enough to be used during sex to enhance the female orgasm (remember those combo orgasms we talked about).

Or use a bullet during foreplay to allow your partner's hands and mouth to roam the rest of your body. Reaching orgasm shouldn't have to be complicated (it's really not). With a little help from a silver bullet toy or bullet egg, you can reach orgasm anytime, every time. 

Using a Vibrating Bullet or Egg to Explore New Ways to Pleasure Your Partner 

Are you new to anal play? A vibrating egg is a great introductory toy for those looking to explore the backside of the moon in a fun and safe way. Explore your sexual interests and pleasure zones using the intensely pleasurable vibrations of one of our vibrating bullets or remote vibrating eggs.  

Vibrating Sex Toys for Women are a Game Changer in the Bedroom: 

There are so many ways a silver bullet vibe changes thing in the bedroom; it's hard to know where to begin! From foreplay to penetration and everywhere in between (literally), a discreet and small vibrator can perfectly fit you and your partner's sex life. 

For Example, the Fifty Shades We Aim to Please Bullet is small yet mighty and will fit right in your carry-on bag for that weekend away you are planning with your boo. After you've warmed things up, use the silver bullet toys on yourself while your partner makes love to you from behind (there is something to be said for you and your partner both reaching orgasm simultaneously).

This chrome vibrator will fit right in the palm of your hands, and it won't get in your partner's way while you thrust yourselves into ecstasy. 

Ways to Use a Silver Bullet Vibrator or a Bullet Egg Vibrator to Make the Bedroom Exciting Again 

A silver bullet toy can enhance you and your partner's pleasure in unexpected ways. At the same time, a vibrating egg can create mood-enhancing and exciting ways to tease one another privately or publicly.  

Try some of these tips for changing things up in the bedroom and finding the excitement again using our vibrating bullets and eggs collection. 

  • With him kneeling in front of you, try using a micro bullet vibrator on his scrotum while you pleasure him. Watch it take his pleasure to all new heights! Teasing his balls, a little with a vibrator can give his boys some much-deserved attention while he's focusing on your enjoyment at the same time. 
  • Sneak a magic bullet vibrator between your legs while he explores your body with his mouth. You never know where your erogenous zones are unless you give him a chance to explore your body. Those pleasure spots can change almost daily for some women. 
  • Sneak a wireless vibrating egg in your panties and give your partner the remote to use on you while doing something mundane (like your taxes). You'll be looking to rip their clothes off the second you get a chance to. Plus, who said doing your taxes at home had to be boring. The Bnaughty Unleashed Classic Purple Vibrator is a quiet vibrating egg that gives your partner wireless control of your pleasure, and no one has to know.  
  • Let your partner tease you with their fingers while you tease your clit with a bullet vibrator. You get to control how fast or how slow (or how many times) you come while they get to explore your body with their hands. Reach more intense orgasms by teaching your partner how to reach your g-spot while you stimulate your clit for an ultra-sensual orgasm.   
  • Use a remote vibrating egg on you or your partner to create excitement before you can get to the bedroom. Our quiet and body-safe anal eggs allow you and your partner to explore all areas of pleasure. Who doesn't love a public outing with a little vibrating secret between lovers? The Bfilled Classic Black is perfect for quite fun whether you're at home or not. 
  • Take turns exploring the less sexual parts of your body using a vibrating egg. You might discover that your partner goes crazy when you touch their inner thigh or even around their belly button! Vibrating eggs are a great way to explore their body with your hands, leaving your mouth free to explore in other ways. 

How to Use a Remote Vibrating Egg to Be Naughty in or Out of the House:

Vibrating eggs are notorious for their ultra-quiet vibrating fun. Whether your kids are in the next bedroom or you're giving your partner control of the remote in a crowded public space, no one will know except for you and your partner. Sometimes all you need to spice things up again is a little bit of discreet public indecency.

Some nice tight leggings and a long dress or shirt will keep things in place and keep things hidden while exploring public spaces with your partner. 

Anal eggs are a safe way to introduce you and your partner to a little bit of bum play. Exploring entrances without penetration with a bit of vibrating massage might help open some doors for you and your partner to explore other pleasures in the bedroom.   

Bullet eggs are not just for women either; explore your partner's creases and pleasure zones using vibrating eggs' sensations. His nipples deserve some attention too, ladies.  

The Convenience of Rechargeable Sex Toys

We've grown used to charging our electronics daily, and your adult vibrators should be no different. Unless you stock up on bulk quantities of bullet vibrator batteries, you might find yourself running to the store in the middle of the night as you blow through tons of AAAs, keeping up a healthy sex life.

Save yourself the immense disappointment and displeasure of a battery going dead in the middle of the fun by trying one of our rechargeable toys. 

Our Zero Tolerance Diablo Bullet Vibrator comes with a USB charging cord for convenient charging. Never sacrifice another orgasm to a dead battery again by using one of our rechargeable and waterproof adult toys. This bullet dildo can make foreplay more fun in the shower or even the bathtub, and you never have to worry about repurchasing batteries. 

Water fun has never been so exciting with our waterproof and rechargeable bullet vibrators.  


Add Some Color with Power Bullet Vibrator

Pink, purple, blue, or black, take your pick with either of our colorful vibrator choices. Surprise your partner with a pretty pink vibrator that will elevate her pleasure immensely in such a small discreet design. 

Whether you choose our Mood Powerful Vibrators' color fun or stick with the classic silver vibrator, introducing a bullet or egg vibrator into your sex life will elevate your pleasure and ensure she reaches climax every time. To double the fun and reach her many pleasure zones, include a double bullet vibrator in your bag of tricks. 

You can never have too many toys, trust us on that one.

Introducing Vibrator Toys into the Bedroom: 

Using a vibrator, whether it’s a bullet or an egg, ensures that everyone enjoys themselves. Guarantee each other's pleasure by introducing some sexy, sensual, and discreet toys into your sex life. No matter how young or old, you don't have to live with stagnancy in the bedroom. Make things exciting and intensely pleasurable using a bullet vibrator or a vibrating egg! 

We offer free shipping on all of our orders, with no minimums required. 

Frequently Asked Questions: 

What is a vibrating egg?

A vibrating egg is designed to be discreet and quiet through penetration with vibration. Use a vibrating egg on yourself or your partner. Often, they come with wireless remotes to allow you to give away some of the control of your pleasure. Vibrating eggs are also an excellent way for beginners to give themselves an introduction to anal play (no insertion necessary at first). 

How to use a vibrating egg? 

A vibrating egg can be as straightforward or an exotic vibrator for you alone or with your partner. Slip a vibrating egg into your panties and take an evening stroll with your partner while they have the remote control.

You and your partner won't be able to get home fast enough to bring things to the bedroom. Use a vibrating egg to explore your partner's body and their pleasure spots. You never know when you'll discover a new area to focus on to bring your partner's pleasure to all new heights.

How to use a bullet vibrator?

Alone or with a partner, there are so many ways to use a bullet vibrator. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, a bullet vibrator can bring extra pleasure and stimulation even in the heat of lovemaking. We love sneaking in silver bullet toys to stimulate the clit during penetration to help both partners reach climax together. 

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