BULLETS AND EGGS Evolved Starlite Bullet Pink
BULLETS AND EGGS Evolved Starlite Bullet Pink

Evolved Starlite Bullet Pink

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Hypnotic Feel with Vibrations

Get ready to groove with the Hypnotic Light-Up Vibrating Bullet, a mesmerizing pleasure toy that takes your intimate experiences to new heights. This stylish metallic pink chrome bullet offers a tantalizing and hypnotic feel with its unique features and illuminating design.

The Hypnotic Bullet comes alive with glowing light pulses that change in sync with the vibrations of the toy. Whether you're enjoying it in the bedroom or exploring underwater pleasures, this vibrating bullet remains fully submersible, ensuring non-stop excitement in any environment.

Crafted with the utmost convenience in mind, clean-up is a breeze with Evolved Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse, making maintenance hassle-free and easy.

Indulge in the 10 powerful vibrating settings and functions, allowing you to customize your pleasure and find the perfect rhythm for your desires.

With its bowling pin shape, the Hypnotic Light-Up Vibrating Bullet teases and tantalizes your erogenous zones, unlocking a world of blissful sensations.

USB rechargeable and accompanied by a charging cable, this vibrating bullet is always ready to delight you, ensuring endless pleasure.

Product Details:

  • Product Type: Vibrating Bullet
  • Color: Pink (Metallic Pink Chrome Finish)


  • Glowing Light-Up Vibrating Bullet
  • Entire Vibe Illuminates from Within
  • Light Pulses Sync with Vibrations for a Hypnotic Feel
  • Stylish Metallic Pink Chrome Finish
  • Bowling Pin Shape for Tantalizing Pleasure
  • 10 Powerful Vibrating Settings and Functions
  • USB Rechargeable - Charging Cable Included
  • Fully Submersible - Enjoy Underwater Pleasures
  • Easy Clean-Up with Evolved Toy Cleaner and Warm Water Rinse

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: How does the light-up feature work in the Hypnotic Bullet? A: The bullet illuminates from within, and the light pulses sync with the vibrations, creating a mesmerizing and hypnotic experience.

Q: Can I use the Hypnotic Bullet underwater? A: Yes, absolutely! The bullet is fully submersible, allowing you to enjoy thrilling pleasures underwater.

Q: How do I charge the Hypnotic Bullet? A: The bullet is USB rechargeable, and a charging cable is included for your convenience.

Q: Is clean-up easy with the Hypnotic Bullet? A: Yes, cleaning is effortless with Evolved Toy Cleaner and a warm water rinse.


  • Adult
  • Romance


  • Sensuality
  • Pleasure
  • Intimacy


Experience an enthralling journey of pleasure with the Hypnotic Light-Up Vibrating Bullet. Its glowing light pulses and vibrating sensations create a mesmerizing and hypnotic feel, leaving you craving more. The stylish metallic pink chrome finish and bowling pin shape add elegance and tantalizing pleasure to your intimate moments. With 10 powerful vibrating settings, you can customize your experience to suit your desires perfectly. USB rechargeable and fully submersible, this vibrating bullet is always ready to provide endless pleasure. Embrace sensuality and indulge in captivating bliss with the Hypnotic Light-Up Vibrating Bullet.

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