Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug
Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug

Silicone anal plug

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Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug

The Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug is designed to take your anal play to new heights of pleasure and excitement. Its tapered shape and slim body have been carefully crafted to provide a fulfilling booty sensation with reduced discomfort. Say goodbye to any worries and hello to a thumping good time!

Featuring Thump-It's revolutionary back and forth thumping Kinetic Technology, this anal plug delivers pulsating and drumming sensations to your backdoor with the perfect amount of force. Whether you enjoy solo play or want to spice things up with a partner, the Thumping Silicone Anal Plug will add an electrifying element to your intimate moments.

Lube up and prepare for a journey of ecstasy! The tapered tip makes insertion easy and comfortable, catering to most skill levels. With seven patterns of thumping functions to choose from, you can rhythmically pleasure your own booty or that of your partner. The wireless remote controller adds convenience and excitement, allowing you or your partner to take control and unleash unpredictable thrusting fun.

Crafted from premium, phthalate-free silicone, this anal plug is velvety to the touch and firm near the tip for effortless insertion. The plush texture throughout the entire plug ensures a high-quality and luxurious feel. The delicate twist texture on the stem adds an extra element of stimulation to the entrance of your hole, intensifying the pleasure while you indulge in the thumping sensation. Rest assured, this slim butt plug is body-safe and perfect for beginners and experts alike.

No need to worry about batteries — the Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug is rechargeable with the included USB charging cable. It's splashproof, making cleaning a breeze, and shower-friendly for wet and wild playtime. Please note that it is compatible with water-based lubricants only, so avoid using silicone lubes to protect the integrity of the material.

Product Details:

  • Overall length: 5.4 inches
  • Insertable length: 4 inches
  • Widest insertable diameter: 1.6 inches

Materials: Silicone, ABS Plastic

Color: Black

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is this anal plug suitable for beginners? A: Absolutely! The Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug is designed to cater to beginners and experts alike. Its tapered shape and slim body make it easy to insert and comfortable to play with.

Q: What type of lube should I use with this anal plug? A: We recommend using water-based lubricants with the Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug. Avoid using silicone lubes, as they can damage the material.

Q: How do I clean this anal plug? A: The Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug is splashproof, allowing for easy cleaning. Simply wash it with mild soap and warm water, or use a sex toy cleaner for added convenience.

Q: Can I use this anal plug in the shower? A: Yes, you can! The Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug is shower-friendly, adding a whole new level of excitement to your intimate experiences.

Q: Does this product come with a warranty? A: Yes, all our products come with a standard warranty. Please refer to our warranty policy for more information.


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Experience unparalleled pleasure with the Slim Thumping Silicone Anal Plug. This expertly designed anal plug combines comfort, stimulation, and innovation to deliver mind-blowing sensations to your backdoor. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player, this plug will elevate your intimate moments and leave you craving more. Get ready for a thumping good time!


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