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Bteased Basic Denim Blue Finger Vibrator from Bswish. Tickle and tease with the pulsating mini motor of our Bteased Basic. Easy to wear, its flexible grip slides snugly between the fingers for targeted titillation. Perfect for solo use or seamless couple's play, you will celebrate the possibilities of having pin point precision at your fingertips. Lie back and let the velvety, nonporous body safe silicone and the tip's textured ridges hypnotize your senses. 5 powerful functions. Waterproof finger vibrator. Materials Silicone vibrator sleeve, ABS plastic bullet vibrator. Color Denim Blue. Bullet vibrator requires 3 AG3/LR41 batteries included. Approximately 3 hours use time.
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Basically Yours Bump N Grind Purple Vibrator is just what a girl needs for a special night. Vibe texture helps intensify the vibrations produced by the powerful and quiet motor. Twist the dial on the bottom to control the speed of the vibrations. It's also waterproof so you can take it in the shower with you! Bump N Grind Vibrator features: multiple speed vibrations. Waterproof vibrations for play outside the bedroom. Waterproof sex toys with this designation are safe for use in the bath or shower. Do not submerge for long periods of time and take care to thoroughly dry after each use. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials PVC shaft, ABS plastic base. Recommended lubricants are water base. Vibrating sex toy requires 2 AAA batteries, not included. Do not leave batteries in the vibrator between uses. Length 6.25 inches. Insertable 5.5 inches. Width 1 inches. Circumference 3.75 inches. Weight: 3.3 ounces. Product Package Dimensions: 8.5 inches Height by 4.7 inches Width by 1.9 inches Depth. Product Weight inside Package 4.6 ounces. How to use vibrator: prepare apply lube to dildo. Power and motion insert 2 AAA batteries, twist bottom for speed control, on and off. Cleanse and care: run water and apply a mild soap or wipe with a choice toy cleaner, then let air dry. Always clean before and after use. Bump N Grind Purple Vibrator from Blush Novelties. Please note colors may vary. Updated August 14, 2014 new package swirls of flowers, 4 bubble features.

Everything You Need To Know About Clitoral Orgasms

Orgasms, sex, erotic toys and how to pleasure your partner may all seem like intuitive topics, but there is always more you can learn about bedroom pleasure. I love sex, a LOT, and I also have sex, probably much more than is sane. As much experience as I have, it is is only recently that I learned the difference between a vaginal orgasm, a g-spot orgasm, and a clitoral orgasm. Are you confused yet? Well, I was too! Don't worry, I am here to break it down for you so you can get wet with pleasure in confidence. 

What Does a Clitoral Orgasm Feel Like?

Take a moment to think about what an orgasm feels like, now put that into words. It is something that is hard to explain, but a feeling that most people chase with a passion. On the subject of orgasms, did you know that clitoral orgasm and vaginal orgasm are different? If you are curious about what does a clitoral orgasm feels like, let me do my best to put it into words.

With a clitoral orgasm, the best way I can explain how I feel that during one, the pleasure will build in a tense way when the orgasm is coming. When it peaks, the bottom part of my body will be covered in an explosion of erotic bliss that trickles from my waist all the way down to my legs. While this may seem like every type of orgasm, there is a big comparison between vaginal vs clitoral orgasm for women.

The position I am in and the method used to induce a clitoral orgasm will also affect the feeling. One of the best positions for clitoral stimulation that I have found is laying on your back with your legs open in a butterfly position. When using a vibrator in this position I feel that the orgasm creeps up the legs as a sensation of tingling warmth. At the same time, tension builds from the top of the head and settles on the shoulders. When I hold this until my climax, I end up with an explosion of body-wide twitches that last for a long as a minute.

How to Have a Clitoral Orgasm

Women and orgasms are always a hot topic. Some can squirt, some have trouble cumming at all, and others can achieve orgasm with little to no stimulation at all. No matter where you fall along the erotic spectrum, it can never hurt to know how to have a clitoral orgasm on your own or with a partner.

Many women can achieve an orgasm using a multi-speed bullet vibrator or just their fingers. Some prefer to use clit licker toys or have their partner actually get between their legs and do it the old fashioned way. When it comes to clitoral orgasms, the main way to reach the big O is to get the right type of stimulation directly on the clit, at the right rhythm.

Keep in mind that everybody reaches and experiences clitoral orgasms differently, and no one way is worse or better than the other. An orgasm that originates from the clit tends to last longer and due to skin sensitivity, it takes longer to replicate after each session. There are a few best positions for clitoral stimulation that can make getting off easier, and make the waves of pleasure much more intense.

What Are The Best Positions for Clitoral Stimulation?

Even the most powerful clitoral vibrator is not going to help you in the bedroom if you are not in the right position. Unlike vaginal orgasms, clitoral orgasms require direct stimulation. There are some positions that are better than others which helps your partner reach your sensitive spot to set you off in just the right way.

If you are also wondering how to have a clitoral orgasm during solo play, many of these positions will work equally well. The tabletop position is a classic clit access move that is sure to bring on stimulation and strong orgasms. Lay on the edge of any flat surface, be it your bed, the counter, or yes, even the table. Your sex partner should be in between your legs facing you, the legs can be supported on the shoulders or the edge of the surface.

The snake position is a great way to stimulate a clitoral orgasm using a variable speed vibrator. This position can be paired with penetration from your partner, or a dildo with suction cups. You can also use this position to achieve a powerful clitoral orgasm all on your own. This position helps take the pressure off of the wrist and directs it towards the clit for mind-blowing stimulation.

For those who struggle with proper stimulation, the Coital Alignment Technique will help produce a clitoral orgasm that will have your sheets soaked and your thighs shaking. In this method, instead of thinking about thrust, you will slide and grind your clit against your partner will they are deep inside of you. This not only gives you intense stimulation, but chances are you will hit your g-spot too!

Vaginal vs Clitoral Orgasm – Is There a Difference?

All orgasms may be created equal, but they are certainly not the same. A clitoral orgasm happens when the clit is stimulated with vibrations. These vibrations may be from a clitoral vibrator such as a rabbit or a finger vibe, or with the fingers themselves. Oral sex, specifically getting eaten out by your partner will also trigger an intense clitoral orgasm. There are plenty of tongue vibrators on the market as well to stimulate the clit.

Of course, the original clitoral stimulator is, of course, the body. When you engage in foreplay, touching, rubbing, grinding and any form of friction against your clit can trigger a screaming orgasm. Even during penetration, the feeling of your partner's groin rubbing up and down, or smacking into your clit can leave you dripping with pleasure and twitching in ecstasy.

A vaginal orgasm is no less pleasurable, but it doesn’t require stimulation of the clit. Internal stimulation via the g-spot or just the feeling of your partner or a ribbed toy going in and out can trigger a dripping orgasm without ever having a clitoral pump touch the clit at all. Both forms are highly desired and you can even experience vaginal orgasm and a clitoral orgasm at the same time.

Can A Clitoral Massage Help Create More Intense Orgasms?

Everyone wants to have stronger, longer, more intense orgasms. After all, the purpose of sex is to blow a load. There is little to no point if you can’t even feel the effects of all that effort. For solo sex and sex with a partner, clitoral massage can be a great way to boost your erotic experience. You can go about this massage in a number of ways, my favorite is to engage in clit massage during foreplay and pair it with a clitoral stimulation gel to help make my nether regions even more sensitive.

Clitoral massage doesn’t have to be complicated, you or your partner can gently stimulate the clit with a  finger vibrator and some lube, or you can get kinky and dive in face first for a bit of oral stimulation. The more attention you give to this sensitive area, the stronger your orgasms will feel once they finish building up. If you want to stick to only a clit massage, a finger tip vibrator is a great way to maintain precision while enticing a powerful erotic response.

For solo play, massaging the clit with a mini finger vibrator takes the hard work out of turning yourself on. You can sit back with your legs wide open while you are watching your favorite erotic movie, or even as you watch your partner give you a sensual show. Make it kinky and touch your nipples, moan, and gyrate to make the most of your erotic passion play.

What are The Best Sex Toys for Clitoral Stimulation?

Ahh, are you ready to tickle your clit? If you are wondering which toys would be best for external stimulation, I have a few suggestions. My favorite finger vibrator for women is the perfect size that allows me to gently stimulate my clit without making my whole pussy vibrate. While I am all for a big vibrating dildo, sometimes I just want a subtle touch to make my clit extra sensitive.

A simple multi speed vibrator will give you just the right amount of control to stimulate your clit at the speed you want regardless of your mood. Sticking to a single-speed can get boring. Sometimes you may want a gentle and slow clit massage that allows you to build up your desire for a mind-blowing orgasm. At other times, you may already be sensitive and you want a quick and fast speed to take you over the edge. With a multi-speed clit vibe, you get all that and more.

My favorite way to have my clit stimulated is to have my partner lick my clit until I cum. While I am sure he would love to spend all of his time with his head between my legs, it’s not realistic. The next best thing to get the same sensation is a vibrating tongue sex toy. These are amazing little erotic devices that when paired with warming lube, feel just like a tough licking you into sexual oblivion.

How do I Tease My Clit For an Amazing Orgasm?

By now you understand just how good a clitoral orgasm can feel. If you are tired of your lack luster sex life, or if you just want to spice things up in the bedroom, teasing your clit with a clit licker is an easy way to achieve a screaming orgasm. You can pair clit stimulation with penetration, or you can stick to external stimulation for your erotic pleasure.

Teasing your clit is not as complicated as it seems. My go-to method is to grab my favorite vibrating dildo sex toy, add a liberal amount of water-based lube, and go to town. Alternating the vibrations against my clit with gentle thrust not only makes the sexual experience more intense, but it also helps to draw out stronger longer orgasms.

When I want to have an extra steamy sex session with my partner, I will hand over a clitoris vibrator for him to use while he is inside of me. This is a great way to make sex more intense while also allowing your partner to participate in providing you with such extreme pleasure. One trick I found that makes my drip and buck in ecstasy is to have my partner go as deep as possible and then stay still. Then, either one of us will go in with a clit licker toy to stimulate the clit. All I can tell you is that the result usually ends up with us having to air out the mattress and wash a few loads of sheets!

The Best Way To Replicate A Tongue Induced Orgasm

Like most women, I love to bend over or lay on my back and feel my partner's tongue glide up and down my clit. The feeling is erotic, delicious and makes me cum like a water hose every single time. This got me thinking about how to achieve that same feeling when he is at work or otherwise unavailable.

A little bit of searching on my favorite erotic sex toy site Sex Supply Shop led to me to a clit licker vibrator. The main difference between a regular clit vibe and a clit licker vibe is the way the sex toy feels on your clit. When you add some lube and then use the clit licker, the sensation is very close to how it feels to have a real tongue between your legs! While the best clit licker will always be your partner between your legs, there are plenty of erotic sex toys that come in a close second.

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