Nasstoys Sextoys for Men SUPERSIZER PUMP
Nasstoys Sextoys for Men SUPERSIZER PUMP


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Supersizer Pump put the power in your hands. One hand for the pump and the hand for your partner. Supersize your cock using one hand with this amazing smoked clear acrylic 7 inches pump with an easy to use finger trigger plunger. No more tiring bulbs to squeeze. The suction is created in the cylinder and the tight soft thick jelly base will convince you to throw out all of your other pumps. Made using phthalate free, non-toxic materials Acrylic cylinder, ABS plastic piping and handle, Thermoplastic Rubber seals. Always clean before and after use. Although some Men swear by the use of pumps as effective tools for increasing size while others think pumps have no lasting effect. Pumps can extend length while using, but the question is, Will the penis return to original size after using? Unfortunately, no one has the answer and can not guarantee or be responsible for any results. Individual results will vary. Supersizer Pump from Nasstoys of New York.
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