Electric / Hustler Lingerie Anal Toys GLAS JUICER 5 "
Electric / Hustler Lingerie Anal Toys GLAS JUICER 5 "


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Glas Juicer 5 inches clear glass butt plug. Delivering stimulation unlike any other design in the Glas line, this 5 inches Juicer features the perfect width that will make you melt. Handmade by glass artisans, each Glas toy is fracture resistant and hypoallergenic, as well as being easy to clean. This toy retains heat and cold to add temperature play to your bedroom action. Juicers from the Glas collection are designed to provide maximum orgasmic pleasure with heavy glass rotary handles and extra thick torque plates for worry free spinning stimulation. Featuring a smooth glass texture, the 5 inches Juicer glides and swirls with ease to offer divine pleasure. The beautiful translucent glass will give your partner an enticing view of all the action. Like all other items in the Glas line, the 5 inches Juicer is compatible with all lubes. Slather some lube on the juicer and crank up the fun! Specifications: hand blown artisan crafted glass. Heavy rotary handle for optimal control. Thick torque plates for worry free spinning stimulation. Bulbous tip for easy insertion. Hypoallergenic. Fracture resistant. Compatible with all lubricants. Non-porous and hygienic. Easy to clean. Temperature responsive for sensory play. Lightweight, easy insertion. One of a kind.
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