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Humpballs cockring atomic jock ice blue (net)

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Cock Ring 

Humpballs Cock Ring is everything you loved about the original but it is softer, squishier, and even more durable than before. Each Humpball cock ring is designed so it does not roll or tug on your pubes.

Good news for you hairy dudes out there. Best of all Humpballs is made from super soft Skin Flex-TPR so it is made for comfortable extended wear and use. Humpballs is blubber and softer than all those cheap jelly cock rings out there, no need to worry about it pinching your taint or strangling the hell out of your junk.

Humpballs is also great for nut stretching, stack them on your sack and see just how low you can make your sweaty ball bag swing. Feels just like a firm grip gently tugging on your boys. Plump your cock, pump his hole, dump your load. Made using Skin Flex-TPR safe, non-toxic and phthalate free.

Recommended lube water based. Stats approximate outside circumference 5 inches, inside circumference stretches to fit your penis 2.5 inches, thickness .5 inch. Weight .4 ounce. Color Ice Blue.


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